House Bill 409

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Title AN ACT relating to dogs and cats.
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Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 251
Sponsors W. Coursey, J. Tilley, J. Jenkins, M. Marzian
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 525.130 and 525.135 to add sexual assault as an act of cruelty to animals; amend KRS 525.135 to add an intentional or wanton failure to provide minimum care which results in a serious physical injury to the elements of torture of a dog or cat and, upon conviction; forfeit ownership of all dogs and cats for three years; create a new section of Chapter 525 to punish wanton or reckless neglect of dogs and cats; amend KRS 500.090 to exempt forfeited dogs and cats from worthless property; amend 321.185 to allow veterinarians to report reasonable suspicion of dog and cat neglect or torture without client relationship; allow animal control officers to take physical custody of an animal if there is probable cause or the officer has a warrant finding probable cause to believe that the animal is in imminent danger of serious physical injury; require the animal control officer to file a petition of facts with the District Court 48 hours after taking custody of the animal and request action by that same court; allow the animal to be humanely destroyed if a licensed veterinarian deems the animal to be severely injured or diseased; require the District Court to place the petition on the docket and issue a summons for the owner or person caring for the impounded animal; require the court to determine physical custody of the animal pending a final decision of the court on the question of animal cruelty or torture; provide a method for the owner to be noticed of animal's custody if the court could not determine the animal's ownership; require the owner to relinquish ownership after court order or post a surety bond for the care of the animal pending final disposition of the case; allow the court to waive bond if the owner is found indigent; allow the court to order the animal humanely destroyed upon written assessment by a licensed veterinarian; allow agent caring for the impounded animal to draw on the bond for care expenses and provide method for return of unused portion of bond.
Index Headings of Original Version Local Mandate - Dogs and cats, impoundment, temporary care of
Corrections Impact - Dogs and cats, torture and neglect
Courts, District - Dogs and cats, temporary care of
Crimes and Punishments - Dogs and cats, neglect, create penalties
Peace Officers and Law Enforcement - Serious injury to dogs and cats, impoundment, authorization for
Property - Forfeiture, dogs and cats, upon conviction for torture
Property - Ownership, dogs and cats, prohibited after conviction
Veterinarians - Animal impoundment, humane euthanasia, veterinarian determination for need
Veterinarians - Dogs and cats, allow report of suspected injury
Animals, Livestock, and Poultry - Dogs and cats, torture and neglect
Bonds of Surety - Dogs and cats, impoundment, temporary care of
Civil Procedure - Notice and hearing, dogs and cats, impoundment


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