Acquired brain injury, treatment and facilities to exempt insurer from assessment

Administrative regulations, department of insurance, require the promulgation of

Air ambulance services, notification of average cost, health benefit plans

Automobile service contract, definition

Bank or trust company, deposits, technical correction

Basic reparation benefits, denial or reduction of, requirement of a peer review before

Casualty insurance claims, expected proceeds, roof repairs to be paid by

Contractors, roof repair, extra damages, limitation of

Contractors, roof repair, prohibit extra damage for

Criminal records of policy holders, expungement, refund of additional premiums

Deeds, title examinations, performance of

Department of Insurance, average reimbursement rate for emergency air ambulance, calculation of

Department of Insurance, commissioner, H. Brian Maynard, confirmation

Executive director, remove reference to

Existing agreements, require insurer to establish procedure for altering

Financing of insurance premiums, personal and commercial lines, not a rebate

Health benefit mandate, technical corrections

Health benefit plans, compliance with notice requirements, average cost of air ambulance services

Health, chiropractor's services, equal reimbursement for

Health, group pools, formation of

Health, out of state health benefit plans, purchase of

Homeowner insurance, liability exclusion for worker's compensation, disclosure required

Insurance company taxation, rural growth fund tax credit, creation of

Insurance company taxes, ordering and priority of credits

Insurance fraud, extension of civil immunity for disclosure

Insurance surcharge for LEFPF and FFPF, adjustments restricted

Insurance surcharge used to pay for KLEFPF and KFFPF, restrict adjustment of

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Authority, confirmation, John R. Farris

Limited health service benefit plans, material change to provider agreement, procedures for

Medical malpractice mediator, utilization prior to health care provider litigation

Medicare, balance billing of beneficiaries of, prohibition

Objection notice, provide for mechanism of

Premium financing, requirements for not violating rebate prohibition

Prescribed fire license, liability insurance requirement for

Property, liability exclusion for worker's compensation, disclosure required

Public employee health insurance trust fund, determinations of plan year deficits and surpluses

Public employee health insurance trust fund, prohibit fund transfers to the general fund

Title insurance agents, licensing of

Title insurance agents, provide for the licensing of

Transportation of students, adequate insurance required for privately owned passenger vehicles

Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits Act, retroactive application of

Unemployment benefits, military spouses whose families are relocated

Universal crop insurance, specialty and commodity crops, urgence for

Veterans licensing program, independent insurance agents, honoring

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission board of directors

Workers' compensation, exclusion of private home lawn services

Workers' compensation, expiration of special fund assessment

Workers' compensation, expiration of the special fund assessment

Workers' Compensation Funding Commission

Workers' compensation, medical benefits added and legal fees deleted

Workers' compensation, rate for special fund assessment

Workers' Compensation, rate for special fund assessment

Workers' compensation, temporary total disability benefits offset for wages for light duty work

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