Technical Corrections

Adjutant General's name, correction of

Bail bondsman's tax

Bank directors, gender-neutral language

Bank or trust company, deposits

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, technical corrections

Corrections for gender-neutrality

Criminal conspiracy

Crude petroleum tax

Dealer's records

Department of Revenue


Gender-neutral language, addition of

Gender-neutral language, insert

Gender-neutral terminology

General Assembly officers

HB 10

HB 148

HB 242

HB 242/HCS

HB 303

HB 374

HB 40/SCS1

HB 422

HB 431

HB 527

HB 563

HB 575

Health benefit mandate, format changes

Highway equipment operator and supervisor job classes, study of pay equity


Judicial Branch Budget

Legislative Branch Budget

Mediation in labor dispute, gender neutral language

Road projects

SB 174

SB 188

SB 19


SB 203

SB 238

SB 71/SCS 1

School safety and discipline, gender-neutral language

Seat belt law, correction for gender-neutral references

State fire marshall, gender-neutral language, addition of

State/Executive Branch Budget

Training, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Unemployment insurance, correction for gender-neutral references

Voter registration, fraudulent, gender equity in

Wages and hours, gender neutral language

Wineries, fortified wine production, exempt from 100,000 gallon cap

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