Senate Bill 34

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Last Action 02/25/19: posted in committee
Title AN ACT relating to elections and declaring an emergency.
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Bill Request Number 288
Sponsors D. Thayer, M. Wilson
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 117.025 to restrict voter registration data from being accessed, modified, or altered by any individual member of the State Board of Election, including the Secretary of the State and his or her staff.
Index Headings of Original Version Elections and Voting - Access to voter registration data, restriction of
Secretary of State - Access to voter registration data, restriction of
Boards and Commissions - Access to voter registration data, restriction of
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Amendment Senate Committee Substitute 1
Summary Replace the entirety of the bill with the following changes: amend KRS 117.015 to make the State Board of Elections an independent agency of state government, the Secretary of State is to become an ex officio, nonvoting, and non-presiding member of the State Board of Elections; the Kentucky County Clerk's Association shall submit two separate list of four names of then current county clerks, of which two are to be appointed by the Governor; the clerks appointed shall represent each of the two political parties that polled the largest vote in the last preceding regular election for state officials; allow the executive director of the board to vote only in the case of breaking a tie vote for the election of the chair of the board; establish criteria of qualifications and duties relative to being chair of the board; ensure that county clerks are exempted from the prohibition of being a former, or then current, candidate for elected office in order to become a member of the board; lower the age qualification to become a member of the board from 25 to 21 ensure that a quorum is present on the day of any primary or regular election with a majority of the board, less the two members who are county clerks; permit the members of the board who are county clerks to receive compensation only for expenses in attending board meetings; amend KRS 117.025 to delegate additional responsibilities to the board, including instituting appropriate safeguards to ensure that there is no inappropriate use of the voter registration roster, ensure that only county clerks, assistant county clerks, and State Board of Elections staff have the authority to access, correct, or alter voter registration data; the state board be responsible for oversight of board personnel, including hiring, investigations, disciplinary actions, promotions, and other like actions subject to KRS Chapter 18A; amend 117A.010 to make technical corrections; amend KRS 117A.030, 117A.040, 117A.050, 117A.060, 117A.130, and 117A.150 to remove the Secretary of State from the responsibility of implementing provisions and promulgating administrating regulations relevant to the Registration and Voting by Absent Uniformed Services Voters and Overseas Voters in Elections for Federal Office Act, and make technical corrections; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings County Clerks - Eligible for appointment to the State Board of Elections, criteria and obligations relating thereto
Elections and Voting - State Board, change in obligations, membership, criteria for membership, and duties relating thereto
Secretary of State - Change in official duties
Technical Corrections - Elections
Boards and Commissions - Elections, change in obligations, membership, criteria for membership, and duties relating thereto
Effective Dates, Emergency - State board of Elections, change in duties and membership

Amendment Senate Committee Amendment 1
Sponsor D. Thayer
Summary Make title amendment.
Index Headings Title Amendments - SB 34

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