Born-alive infants, protection of

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, establishing

Controlled substance prescribing reviews, boards, administrative regulations

Controlled substances, risks, benefits, limitations, discussion with patient

Coronavirus, access preparedness

Department for Medicaid Services, pharmacy benefit manager contract, permit denial of

External appeals process, pharmacy audits, establishment of

Health care referral practices, prohibition of

Insulin assistance program, establishing

Kentucky Emergency Preparedness Task Force, establish

Lower Health Care Costs Act, urging enactment of

Medicaid managed care contract, limiting

Medicinal cannabis dispensary, collaboration agreement, requirement

Medicinal cannabis, patient consultation, requirement

Outpatient pharmacy benefits, direct administration by Department for Medicaid Services

Patient notification, practitioner emergency closure

Patient-directed care, end of life

Pharmacist reimbursement practices, requirements for

Pharmacy audits, requirements for

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, covered persons, contracts for provision of

Pharmacy referral practices, pharmacies, prohibition of

Pill counts, pain management facilities

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing requirements for

Psychiatric pharmacist as a qualified mental health professional, establishing

Sale of less expensive alternative drugs, permitted

Sex assigned at birth, alteration in minors, limit treatment for

State pharmacy benefit manager, Medicaid managed care, established

Treatment, discrimination, acts of conscience

Treatment, discrimination, for acts of conscience

Treatment, discrimination for acts of conscience, prohibiting

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