House Bill 356

Last Action 02/05/20: posted in committee
Title AN ACT making appropriations for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the Judicial Branch of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, boards, commissions, subdivisions, and other state-supported activities.
Bill Documents Introduced
Bill Request Number 1069
Sponsors S. Rudy, J. Nemes
Summary of Original Version The Judicial Branch Budget: appropriate $476,780,400 in fiscal year 2020-2021 and $490,618,400 in fiscal year 2021-2022 from the General Fund, Restricted Funds, and Federal Funds; provide funds for defined calculations; provide funds for current position levels; provide funds for a 2.5% increase in each year of the biennium for all non-elected and elected personnel; provide that funds in the Court Operations and Administration appropriation unit carry forward; provide that if the Supreme Court retains the 2008 and 2018 increases in civil filing fees, the additional income, not to exceed $15,468,100 in each fiscal year, shall be deposited in a trust and agency account for court operations; provide funds to support use allowance, operating, and non-recurring furniture and equipment costs for two judicial center projects; provide funds to create a maintenance pool for planned and unanticipated non-capital projects for local courthouses and judicial centers; provide funds to compensate local units of government for providing court space and for costs incurred in the development of local court facilities; provide that funds in the Local Facilities Fund carry forward; provide that funds in the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund carry forward; provide funds for actuarial-assessed judicial retirement benefits; provide for administrative expenses; provide General Fund support for use allowance payments for Jefferson County; defer General Fund support for operating costs, annualized use allowance payments, and nonrecurring furniture and equipment costs for Butler, Crittenden, Jessamine, Clinton, and Owsley Counties to the 2022-2024 fiscal biennium; authorize leases; clarify that nothing in this bill shall reduce funding of court facility projects authorized by the General Assembly; provide that if a court facility project is occupied and use allowance funding is insufficient that use allowance payments must be approved from the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund, or if funds are not available in the Local Facilities Use Allowance Contingency Fund, the use allowance payments shall be deemed a necessary government expense; provide the Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts with expenditure authority; provide for severability of budget provisions; declare that KRS 48.312 controls duplicate appropriations; clarify that KRS 48.313 controls when a total or subtotal of the bill conflicts with a sum of the appropriations of which it consists; provide that any unexpended balance remaining in the Court's Restricted Funds or Federal Funds accounts carry forward; provide for the final budget document; provide for the transferability of funds; provide for appropriations revisions; provide that issuance of paychecks scheduled for June 30, 2020, June 30, 2021, and June 30, 2022, shall not be issued prior to July 1, 2020, July 1, 2021, and July 1, 2022; provide for participation in any Budget Reduction Plan or Surplus Expenditure Plan.
Index Headings of Original Version Court, Supreme - Judicial Branch Budget
Courts - Judicial Branch Budget
Courts, Circuit - Judicial Branch Budget
Courts, District - Judicial Branch Budget
Judges and Court Commissioners - Judicial Branch Budget
Judicial Circuits - Judicial Branch Budget
Judicial Districts - Judicial Branch Budget
State Agencies - Judicial Branch Budget
State Employees - Judicial Branch Budget
Courts, Family - Judicial Branch Budget
Appropriations - Judicial Branch Budget
Budget and Financial Administration - Judicial Branch Budget


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