Attorney General

Abortion reporting audit, report to

Abortion statutes, enforcement

Authority, specified legal actions, initiate or intervene

Balance billing and reimbursement, injunction

Civil action, unlawful enforcement, federal firearms laws

Climate change order, state lawsuits, social costs, participation

Constitutional challenges, executive branch orders and regulations, notice required

Consultation prior to application for no-knock warrant; allow

Crematory authority, process of alkaline hydrolosis

Damages to monuments, edifices, graves and lands, pursuit of violations

Department of Law, reorganization

Election of, automatic recount in

Emergencies, suspension of laws, approval required

Executive Branch Ethics Commission, member, appointment

False claims act, authority, investigate and prosecute

False claims act, creation

Fertilizer and pesticide, violations, penalties

General Assembly, corruption of member, enforcement

General Assembly, corruption of member, jurisdiction

General Assembly, disobedient witness, enforcement

General Assembly, disobedient witness, jurisdiction

Intervention and investigation, request of Senate President and Speaker of the House

Investigation, assisting agencies

Investigation, illegal and fraudulent activates

Investigation, illegal and fraudulent activites

Investigation, illegal and fraudulent activities

Judgments and fees, reimbursement by Finance and Administration Cabinet

Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission

Legal actions, authority, constitutional issues

Open Records Act, request form, creation

Open records, complaint allowed, delay or extension of time

Opinions, constitutionality of executive orders

Penalty enforcement, internet data collection, express consent requirement

Personal protective equipment, purchase or lease from other countries, certification of need

Public records, request form, promulgate by administrative regulation

Recall election, constitutional amendment

Report to, charges or convictions relating to gang activity

Retirement and pensions, fraudulent claims to obtain benefits, investigation and enforcement of

Sexual assault, examinations, directing reports

State/Executive Branch Budget

Transition team, standards of ethical conduct, establishment

Transition teams, formation, authorization

Uninsured employers fund, legal actions, transfer

Unlawful discriminatory practice, civil cause of action

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