Public Health

2021 Regular Session, Capitol and Annex, masks, requirement

Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities, establishment

Advisory council, PANS and PANDAS, establishment

Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, training for direct-care staff

Child and maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of

Child fatality annual report, requirements

Colon cancer screening and prevention, advisory committee

Controlled substance prescribing boards advisory council, establishment of

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, establishing

COVID-19, response

COVID-19 statewide vaccination rate, mask mandates, prohibition

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Awareness Day, April 26, 2021

Domestic violence, support for preventative resources

Doula certification, minimum training requirements

Emergencies, executive orders, effective time periods

Emergency, declaration of, extraordinary session required

Emergency orders, limitations on

Facial covering mandate, prohibition

Food service establishments, grocery sales

Health disparity impact of legislation, review

Hereditary Cancer Awareness Day, declaring

Hypodermic needles or syringes, sale and disposal

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Immunization, requisite for employment, prohibition

Immunization, state requirement prohibition

Individual-directed care, end of life

Individuals with intellectual disabilities, rights of, establishment

Infant Mortality Task Force, establish

Kentucky all-payer claims database, establishment

Local regulation of tobacco or vapor products, permitting

Mammogram information, 2025 extension

Mask mandate, direct Governor to revoke

Maternal and infant mortality and disparities, awareness

Maternal and postpartum depression, HANDS program, expansion

Maternal fatality annual report, requirements

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of

Maternal mortality and morbidity, prevention of, by qualified doulas

Maternity health, mental health awareness, information

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Mental Health Flag, support childhood mental health awareness, designation

Mental Health Month, May 2021, declaring

Novel coronavirus, declaration of emergency, invalidation

Parkinson's disease, support for resources

People's Republic of China, Government of, condemning their mismanagement of COVID-19

PFAS chemicals, drinking water and discharge limits, administrative regulation, establishment

Postsecondary education institutions, vaccination requirement, exemptions

Postsecondary education institutions, vaccination requirement, prohibition

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a clean natural environment, with preservation

Public health entities, premium and cost sharing payments on behalf of insureds

Public health entities, premium and cost-sharing payments on behalf of insureds

Purchase of personal protective equipment, restricted to Kentucky and the United States, exceptions

Purchase of personal protective equipment, restricted to United States, exceptions

Racial disparity, quality of care, morbidity and mortality, awareness

Sexual assault, examinations, directing reports

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removing

Splash pads, local governments, regulation

Statewide mobile food units, safety standards

Substance use disorder programs, license

Suicide prevention, mental crisis services and facilities, certification

Suicide prevention, mental health crisis services, crisis hotline center

Treatment, discrimination for acts of conscience

Vaccine, distribution and shipment

Veterans, expand access to healthcare

Veterans, expand access to mental healthcare

Water fluoridation programs, implementation of, authority of local government to void

World Obesity Day, recognition of March 4, 2021

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