Effective Dates, Emergency

Abortion statutes, enforcement

Abortion, upon a minor

Administrative regulations, emergency

Administrative regulations with major economic impact and emergency regulations

Alcohol to-go in conjunction with prepared meal, requirement

Born-alive infants, protection of

BR 301

BR 477, emergencies

BR 967

Constitutional challenges, establish venue

Constitutional challenges, establishment of judicial panel and venue

Constitutional rights, protection from censorship

COVID-19, emergency provisions

COVID-19, limitation of liability

Emergency administrative regulations, review

Emergency, Governor's declaration

Emergency orders, criteria for, suit allowed for not following

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Food and beverage licenses, denial, revocation, suspension under COVID-19 orders, undoing

Food service establishments, grocery sales

Governor's Office of Agricultural Policy, abolishment

HB 1

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Immunization, state requirement prohibition

KCTCS, endowment match fund, creation

Kentucky Early Entry Initiative pilot program, creation

Legislative Oversight and Investigation Committee, duties

Line of duty, disability benefits, adjustment of

Medicaid managed care contract, limiting

Medicaid pharmacy benefits, independent monitoring

Medicaid pharmacy benefits, reimbursement methodologies and dispensing fees

Motorboats documented with Coast Guard, registration requirements, establishment

National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, increase in assistance amount

Pension income exclusion, retroactive raise

Personal care attendants, training

Photographs or videos of victims, open records exemption

Retirement, KERS employer rates

SB 1

SB 2

School operation during COVID-19, provisions

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Strategic assessment and accountability committee, formation

Supports for Community Living, exceptional support services

Temporary reorganization orders, removal of authority

Urgent-need insulin program and continuing access to insulin program, establishment

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