Motor Vehicles

Application for first title and registration, county of purchaser's residence

Assessed valuation, property tax exemption, refunds

Auto recyclers exempt from Transportation Cabinet permitting requirements, grandfather

Auto recyclers, local government ordinances and regulations, compliance requirement

Automated speed enforcement in highway work zones pilot program

Bioptic driver's licenses, testing and renewal requirements

Breath test instructions, copies made upon request

Catalytic converters, proof of seller's identity

Counterfeit airbags and components, installation, prohibition

Damage, civil immunity, removal of dog or cat

Driver licensing, identity verification, birth certificate, electronic verification

Driver licensing regional offices, locations

Driver licensing regional offices, prescribed locations, expansion

Driving under the influence, blood test refusal, criminal penalty enhancement

Driving under the influence, license plates, surrender

Driving under the influence, search warrant application

Electric and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicle road usage fee

Electric vehicle infrastructure development plan, development

Electric vehicle power tax, establishment

Electronic titling and registration system, filing procedures

Headlamps, use during periods of precipitation, requirement

Homeless services, operator's licenses and personal IDs, issuance procedures

Insurance, revocations, violation threshold for no insurance

Involuntarily towed, disposal

Kentucky vehicle registration database, operator may have a communication disorder, designation

License plates, personalized, recreational vehicles

License plates, seizure upon revocation of registration

Lung cancer screening, special license plate

Manufactured home titles, affidavit of conversion to real estate, proof of lien satisfaction

Military members stationed in Kentucky, motor vehicle usage tax, exemption

Motor vehicle registration, organ donor registry, option to join

Motor vehicle registration, voluntary donation, organ donation program

Motor vehicle titling, application procedures

Motor vehicles, definition

No insurance, affidavits, county clerk

Nonprofit organizations, exemption of motor vehicles from motor carrier regulation

Online registration renewal, organ donor registry, option to join

Online registration renewal, voluntary donation, organ donation program

Peer-to-peer car sharing certificate, issuance

Peer-to-peer car sharing, regulation

Personal communication device, use by driver, prohibition

Personal use, property tax exemption

Personal use, valuation requirements, property tax

Personalized license plates, requirements

Property tax exemption

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation standards, average trade-in requirement

Rebuilt title, inspection requirement, exemption

Recreational vehicles, definition

Registration and reporting, gender-neutral language

Salvage titles, definition

Special military unit license plates, establishment

Special military unit license plates, motorcycles and recreational vehicles, eligible

Speed title procedures, exemptions

Speeding, fees and penalties for super speeders, establishment

State property tax rate, reduction

Temporary tags, expiration, extension

Title lien statements and terminations, filing procedures

Traffic control signal monitoring systems, violations of KRS 189.231, civil penalties

Transportation Cabinet authority over auto recyclers, national highways system

Valuation requirements, property tax, five percent limitation

Vehicle dealers, delivery to customers

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