Small Business

Assistance dog, misrepresentation, penalty

Balloon releases, beverage straws and plastic carryout bags, prohibition

Black and minority contractor assistance fund

Child-care centers, radon inspection

Duct cleaning services, duct access creation and repair, licensed contractor

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employer COVID-19 vaccination policy, employee exemptions, civil action

Employer, vaccination policy, employee health, liability protection

Employers, seizure first aid information, posting requirement

Essential employees, minimum wage

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Home and community-based services providers, workers' compensation and unemployment coverage

House cleaners, HVAC exemption

Immunization status, disclosure prohibition

Independent repair provider

Labor Cabinet and Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, consolidation

Limited liability entity tax, gross receipts or gross profit threshold, lowering of

Occupational health and safety of employees, violation penalties, increase

Plastic convenience items, prohibition

Private entity, biometric information, collection practices

Radon laboratories, inspection

Small business loans, grammatical and technical corrections

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removal

Statewide mobile food units, safety standards

Subsidy, child-care assistance, workforce

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements

Trichloroethylene, prohibition, small business, time extension

Vaccine passports, prohibition of requirement

Wages, tip pool, mandatory or voluntary

Last updated: 2/8/2023 2:57 PM (EST)