Administrative regulation, federal standard, Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board

American Rescue Plan Act, premium pay, arrangements for distribution

Appeals process for drug-free workplaces, public employees, industrial hemp

Benefits cliff, task force, creation

Covenant not to compete, restrictions

COVID-19, paid employment leave

Disabilities, workforce, advisory, Employment First Council

Disabilities, workforce, Employment First Council, establishment

Discharge, wrongful

Education and Workforce Investment, secretary, gender-neutral

Educator Retention and Recruitment Task Force, duties, membership

Employee benefits, short-time compensation program

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employer, vaccination policy, employee health, liability protection

Employer vaccine policy, employee cause of action, waive sovereign immunity

Employers, seizure first aid information, posting requirement

Employer-sponsored health plans, waiting periods, prohibition

Employment, unlawful acts, nondisclosure agreements, settlement agreements, prohibition

Essential employees, minimum wage

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Government contracts, apprenticeship preference

Government contracts, resident preference

Healthcare worker loan forgiveness program, creation

Healthcare workforce, shortage, task force

Home and community-based services providers, workers' compensation and unemployment coverage

Home care providers, community-based service providers, FUTA conformity

Immunization, requisite for employment, prohibition

Immunization status, employees, applicants, disclosure prohibition

Immunization status, inquiry from employer, prohibition

Inclement weather plan, safety of employees

Labor Cabinet and Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, consolidation

Labor organizations, protections on membership

Limited X-ray machine operator, criteria

Occupational licenses, recognition of military training

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, bioptic driver's licenses, testing and renewal requirements

Overtime; gender neutral language

Pilot program, behavioral health disorder, training and job placement

Remote workers, wage assessment, recruitment to Kentucky

Smoking, employment discrimination protections, removal

Subsidy, child-care assistance, Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements

Terms of employment, employee immunization

Trichloroethylene, health risks at workplaces, posting

Unemployment insurance, waiting period, subsequent claim

Unions, public employees, collective bargaining, employment, state employees

Vaccination passport, protected health information, requisite for employment, prohibition

Veteran Accelerated Licensing for Occupational Recruitment Program, creation

Wages or wage rang; employers to include in any job posting; transparency

Wages, requirement to pay living wage

Wages, tip pool, mandatory or voluntary

Welders, requirements for structural steel welding

Workers' compensation, elimination of intoxication presumption

Workers' compensation, medical director, establishment

Workers' compensation, permanent partial disabiility, factor amended

Workforce education and development programs, study

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, services, consolidation

Workforce needs projections, Cabinet for Economic Development, report

Workplace safety, COVID-19 vaccination policy, employee exemptions, civil action

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