Accountant reciprocal licensing, requirements

Advanced practice registered nurses, collaborative agreement

Advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority

Alcohol licensees, minimum server age requirement

Alcoholic beverage licensee fines, technical corrections

Alcoholic beverage licensee requirements

Alcoholic beverage licensees, license requirements, age of employees

Alcoholic beverages, local option precincts

Ambulance services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, responsibilities

Athlete agents, intercollegiate athlete, name, image, and likeness

Auctioneers, requirements

Audiologists, fitting of hearing instruments

Barbering and cosmetology licensees, permitted off-site services

Barbers, licensing requirements

Birthing centers, freestanding, licensing and certificate of need

Board of Licensure and Certification for Dietitians and Nutritionists, fees

Board of Medical Licensure, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Board of Nursing, membership, licensed practical nurse, addition

Board of Nursing, membership, nurse anesthetist

Board of Nursing, membership, Senate confirmation

Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers, renewal fee

Cannabis production and sale, authorized entities

Cannabis, production, processing, or sale

Certified alcohol and drug counselor supervisor, requirements

Certified public accountants, licensing requirements

Charitable organizations, gaming, bank deposits

Child-care centers, radon inspection

Chiropractors, language update

Commission on Military Affairs, occupational licenses for veterans, report

Community health worker, certification

Controlled substance prescribing, practitioners, licensing boards

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review Panel, prescribers

Controlled substance prescribing reviews, boards, administrative regulations

Cosmetology, board authority, authorized practice

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, kratom products, regulation

Department of Financial Institutions, nonrecourse consumer legal funding

Department of Transportation, peer-to-peer car sharing certificate, issuance

Detection of deception examiner licensing, language correction

Distiller sales, private selection packages

Distiller sales, private selection packages and barrel-aged cocktails

Distillery license, sales, private select and vintage distilled spirits

Driver licensing, identity verification, birth certificate, electronic verification

Duct cleaning services, duct access creation and repair, contractor

Electrical engineering, pier distribution systems

Electrical inspections, requirements

Electricians, continuing education

Elevator mechanic, temporary, renewal

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, inclusion

Emergency medical services, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, responsibilities

Emergency teacher certification, eligibility, extension

EMS personnel, interstate compact

EMT, renewal after incarceration

Engineering, surveying, technical correction

Fantasy contest operator's license, disclosures and limitations

Fantasy contests

Fantasy contests, licensing

Fantasy contests, participants, regulation

Fertilizer and pesticide, license, registration and renewal

Food retailers, sale of wine and distilled spirits

Gaming activities, gambling, prohibitions

Gaming and wagering, omnibus bill

Gaming licensees, player access, daily loss limits

Health care services agencies, required registration

Hunting and fishing licenses, exemption

Hunting and fishing licenses, sale, authorized agents

HVAC licensing, exemption from

Incompatible licenses, reduction

Insurance, education and examination requirements, exemption

International nursing applicants, temporary work permits

Kentucky Board of Cosmetology, examination requirements

Kentucky Board of Pharmacy, technical corrections

Licensed advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority

Licensed professional counselors, interstate compact

Licensed professionals, medical spa, ownership requirements

Licensed psychological associate, requirements

Limited X-ray machine operator, criteria

Massage therapists, criminal background requirements

Medical spa operation, requirements

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Microbreweries, distiller private selection packages, purchase

Mortgage loan industry, regulatory requirements

Motor fuels, gasoline, license, standards

Nurses, out-of-state applicants

Nurses, practitioners from other states

Occupational license, initial and renewal fee, exemption for military spouses

Occupational therapist, interstate compact

Occupational therapy interstate compact, applicability to state government

Online poker

Online poker, licensing

Optometrists, medical spa requirements

Paramedic, renewal after incarceration

Peer-to-peer car sharing, local license fee, imposition

Plumbing, gender-neutral language

Professional land surveyor, experience requirements

Psychologists, continuing education requirements

Radon laboratories, inspection

Real estate brokers, equitable interest, advertising

Safe boating certification, personal watercraft and motorboats, requirements

Securities, regulated persons, requirements

Shampoo and style services, license

Sports wagering

Sports wagering license, delinquent taxes, racing association

Sports wagering, licensing

Sports wagering, prohibitions

Student education loan servicers, requirements

Student loan servicers

Supervising physician, application requirements

Temporary elevator mechanic license, requirements

Temporary event services, permit

Veterinary practice, board regulation

Wagering administration fund, state appropriations, prohibitions

Wagering, individual sports, prohibitions

Wine corkage, alcoholic beverage drink licensee

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