Peace Officers and Law Enforcement

Animal seizure, cost-of-care petition

Assault on, increased penalty

Assisted outpatient treatment, court orders

Basic training course, hate crimes

Cannabis, personal use quantity, decriminalization

Catron, Sheriff Sam, memorial bridge designation, Pulaski County,

Certification, training for mental illnesses and disorders

Child fatalities and near fatalities, drug tests, requirement

Child fatalities and near fatality, search warrants, requirement

Citizen oversight and investigation, consolidated local government, police review

Commercial vehicle enforcement officer, base salaries, increasing

Constables and deputy constables, certification, in-service training, duties

Constables, peace officer powers, waiting list exemption

Constables, physical examination exemptions

Constitutional rights, suits for violation of, allowing

Cottongim, Officer Zachary, memorial highway designation

Cottongim, Officer Zachary, memorializing

Crisis aversion and rights retention order, firearms removal or surrender

Critical incident, 48 hours leave

Death benefits for police officers

Department of Criminal Justice Training, basic training and in-service training

Department of Criminal Justice Training, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, program approval

Department of Criminal Justice Training, virtual training of peace officers, requirement

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, conservation officers, qualifications, salary schedules

Detection of deception examiner licensing, language correction

Disabled, postsecondary tuition

DNA provided for elimination purposes, inclusion in database, prohibition

Dulin, Deputy Frank, memorial bridge designation, Spencer County, KY 44

Employment contracts, reimbursement for training

Facial recognition technology, policies, requirement

Facial recognition technology, use by law enorcement, prohibit prior to publication of model policy

Federal firearm ban, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Federal firearm laws, enforcement prohibition, state and local government

First responder, designation

First Responder, Doctor, Nurse, and Health Care Professional Recognition Day, recognition of

Fish and wildlife conservation officers, payment from the Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund

Hunter education course, live-fire exercise, exemption

Immigration laws, enforcement of, requiring

Intentional unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Juvenile Justice Oversight Council, member

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, Bowling Green Police Department, addition

Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, model facial recognition technology policy

KLEPF supplement for certain officers otherwise ineligible

Local board of education, creation of school district police, delete authority

Local board of education, creation of school district police department

Local board of education, regulation of traffic and parking on property

Local board of education, school police officer, approval to enforce school code of conduct

Lost or stolen firearms, National Crime Information Center, report entry, requirement

Mandatory training subjects, animal abuse and offenses against people

Mental inquest warrants, transport, duties, limitations

Park rangers, technical changes

Peace officer certification, prohibition, sexual offenses

Peer support counseling programs, operations and confidentiality

Peer support participants, privilege from disclosure

Personally identifiable information, Open Records exemption

Personally identifiable information, public officer, current, former, or retired official

Personally identifiable information, public officer, federal law enforcement officer

Police department, procedures for disciplinary actions

Police officers, age requirements for employment

Policy and procedures manual, reporting of hate crimes

Predictive algorithms, use in investigation, prohibition

Private property, privacy protection

Recording or photographing peace officers, not unlawful

Reimbursement, expenses incurred due to response to false report

Retirement, Tier 2 benefits for KERS/CERS members in hazardous positions

School police officer, carrying deadly weapons, removal of local board of education authorization

School Resource Officer Appreciation Day, proclamation

School resource officer, school service area, option

School resource officers, full-time on-site, requirement

Search Warrant Task Force, recommendations, encouraging implementation

Seized animal, cost of care petition

Seized or recovered firearms, reporting procedures

Sheriffs, peace officer powers, certification

State alcoholic beverage enforcement, gambling devices, seizure

State park rangers, statewide police powers

State Police, Trooper R and CVE R Classes, benefits

State troopers, base salaries, increasing

Task Force for Public Safety Peer Support Best Practices

Telecommunicator, definition

Telecommunicators, PTSD training and resources

Unauthorized capture of photographic or videographic images by a first responder

Use of tracking device, criminalization, exception

Warrants, executing and serving, requirements

Warrants, policies and procedures manual, requirement

Workers' compensation, psychological injuries

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