Alcohol servers and food handlers, STAR certificate fee cap

Apprenticeship, technical corrections

Bereavement, vacation and sick leave, death of a child

Bouncers, training

Disability Determination Services program, Education and Labor Cabinet, administer

Disability Determination Services program, Education and Labor Cabinet, administration

Economic Development Finance Authority, Taxpayer Transplant Program

Economic Development, rural jobs development fund

Employee benefits, unpaid family care leave

Employer, mandatory vaccination policy, statutory liability, employee cause of action

Employer vaccination mandate, medical contraindication, exception

Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation Program, eligible use

Health care, worker safety, workplace violence prevention

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Talent Pipeline Management Program, appropriation

Kentucky Education and Workforce Collaborative, Kentucky League of Cities, included

Kentucky Reinvestment Act Program, tax incentive, reinvestment agreement, wage assessment

KentuckyCYBER, Eastern Kentucky University, addition

KentuckyCYBER, Northern Kentucky University, addition

KentuckyCYBER, workforce training

Labor organizations, protections on membership

Military occupational experience for occupational licensure, task force to examine

Minimum wage for all employees, regulations

Nucor Corporation, workforce development, recognition

Office of Human Resource Management, Personnel Cabinet, identify systemic barriers, require

Professional employer organization, registration date

Professional employer organization, registration, unemployment insurance, requirements

Serve Kentucky, Education and Labor Cabinet, administer

Unemployment insurance, duration of benefits, notice, suitable work, state average unemployment rate

Universal recognition of occupational licenses and government certifications

Veterans' benefits and services poster

Wages or wage range, employers to include in any job posting, transparency

Workers' compensation, gender-neutral language

Workers' compensation, special fund, resolution of outstanding claims

Workforce Innovation Task Force, establishment

Workforce opportunities, cybersecurity, interim session, presentation

Workforce solutions training programs, KEES, eligibility

Workplace safety, gender-neutral language

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