Children and Minors

Abortion, lethal fetal anomaly, prohibition exception

Abortion, prohibitions, removal

Abortion, rape or incest, pregnancy, prohibition exception

Abortion, unborn child incompatible with life outside the womb, prohibition exception

Abuse and neglect, definition, change

Accelerated learning policies, advanced courses, requirements

Adaptive Kindergarten Readiness Pilot Project, establishment

Adoption, child born as result of sexual assault, benefits provision

Adoption consent, add gender-neutral language

Adoption papers and records, inspection

Adoption papers and records, inspection, adult adopted person

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, definition, redundancy, removal

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, drag performances, removal

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, restrictions

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, specified performance restriction, removal

Adult-oriented business, location restrictions, protections

Adult-oriented business, relocation requirements, existing commercial establishment, removal

Alternative to detention, establishment

Assistance for pregnant women, children, and low-income families

Autism in Education Task Force, study of school-based autism support and services

Automatic transfer, modify provisions

Automatic transfer of children, consultation between county attorney and Commonwealth's attorney

Automatic transfer of juveniles for trial as adults, limit to cases in which firearm is discharged

Automatic transfer, remove provisions

Baby-related items, diapers, and feminine hygiene products, sales and use tax, exemption

Behavioral health emergency services, program, mental health services, program establishment

Birth arising from sexual assault, benefits provision

Birth certificate, biological sex designation, requirement

Blueprint for Kentucky's Children, Children's Advocacy Day

Boy, definition

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, foster parents, child-care benefits

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, prosecutions under KRS Chapter 620, consent requirement

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, services offered to children, review, report

Cause of action, loss of parental consortium, establishment

Certified Child Care Community Designation Program, Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership

Certified Child Care Community Designation Program, establishment

Certified family, friend, and neighbor child-care homes, establishment

Child abuse and neglect, parental military status determination and notification

Child abuse, mandatory reporting, animal control officers

Child abuse, mandatory reporting, written or oral

Child abuse or neglect investigation, parents' rights, agency's duty to advise

Child Abuse Prevention Month in Kentucky, recognition

Child and maternal fatality review team, establish

Child, best interest, factors for consideration

Child Care Assistance Program, eligibility

Child Care Assistance Program, establishment

Child Care Assistance Program, income eligibility

Child care staff members, background checks

Child custody, gender-neutral language

Child custody, gender-neutral language.

Child custody, standing, nonparents

Child dependency, abuse, and neglect investigations, requirements

Child dependency, neglect, and abuse reports, accessibility

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse reports, requirements

Child fatality and near fatality team, review of gunshot-related deaths, requirement

Child fatality review team, permit

Child hospitalization, gender-neutral language

Child pornography, distribution, sex crime, sex offender registration

Child support action, filing at time of conception

Child support action, residence of mother

Child support action, retroactive

Child support action, venue, residence of mother

Child support, gender-neutral language

Child support, modification, time sharing agreement

Child support, parenting time credit

Child support, responsibility for initial medical expenses, establishment

Child support, retroactive, nine months prior to birth of child

Child tax credit for qualifying children under six years, refundable

Child victims' trust fund

Child-care center licensure, requirements

Child-care provider, employer contributions, facilities and maintenance cost, inclusion

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September 2024, recognition

Children's early learning services taxing districts, authorization to establish

Child-specific foster home, establishment

Civil action, waiver of confidentiality, presumption, removal

Community grant program, mentorship programs for at-risk male students, establishment

Court appointed counsel, fee cap, increase

Court proceedings, member of general public, permitted attendance, establishment

Court proceedings, public attendance, limitations and guidelines, establishment

COVID-19 vaccine, prohibition on requirement

Criminal conspiracy with a minor, same penalty

Crisis receiving and stabilization services, crisis response team, program establishment

Department for Library and Archives, Kids Love to Read Program, creation

Dependency, neglect, and abuse proceedings, permissive public attendance, establishment

Deposits, gender-neutral language

Diabetes, prescribed medication

Digital service providers, duties to minors

Digital service providers, duties to minors, exemption

Disabled parent, accommodations, family preservation

Diversion, unexcused absences

Divorce, parties with minor children, 60-day waiting period, removal

Early childhood education provider funds, establishment

Early Childhood Education Task Force, reestablishment

Early intervention services for children, providers, licensure requirements

Early mathematics education, kindergarten to grade three, requirements

Early mathematics education, requirements

Education, inpatient facility, home and hospital instruction, eligibility

Education, youth, urban agriculture, promotion

Educational benefits, veterans and their families, expansion

Educational neglect, removal of child, surrender of public benefits

Electronic communication with students, restrictions

Employee Child Care Assistance Partnership, requirements

Facilities use by students, individual privacy

Farmland owner hunting and fishing license exemption, "dependent child" definition

Felony involving firearm, transfer to Circuit Court, age 15 or older

Feminine hygiene products, elementary and secondary students, provision

Foster Care and Adoption Efficiency Task Force, establishment

Foster or adopted child, public postsecondary tuition waiver program, monthly payment, establishment

Gender dysphoria, treatment, children

Gender-appropriate pronouns, parental request, use

Gender-neutral language, inclusion

Girl, definition

Guardian ad litem, domestic and interpersonal violence proceedings, minor child, fee

Guardian ad litem, domestic proceedings, minor child, fee

Guardians ad litem, fee cap, increase

HANDS program electronic agreements, authorization

Health services related to human sexuality, parental rights, modification

High school graduation requirements, cursive writing, demonstration of ability to sign name

High school graduation requirements, cursive writing, requirement to demonstrate signature removal

Historical instruction, African and Native American history, requirements

Homeless youth, birth certificate, free access

Human growth and development and human sexuality instruction, video, medically accurate

Human growth and development instruction, birth abnormalities and defects

Human growth and development instruction, complications with fetal development

Human growth and development instruction, ectopic pregnancy

Human growth and development instruction, requirements, parental notification

Human growth and development instructional materials, written notification to parents, contents

Human sexuality instruction, comprehensive and age-appropriate

Human sexuality instruction, comprehensive family financial planning instruction

Human sexuality programs, parental rights, modification

Human sexuality programs, parental rights, opt out

Immunization, by pharmacists

Incarcerated children, bill of rights

Inheritance tax, foster child, Class A beneficiary

Instructional programs for school-age children, exemptions

Internet pornography and obscenity, age verification requirement, denial of access

Interrogation of children, requirements

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, correction

Juvenile convictions, life imprisonment without parole for capital offense, prohibition

Juvenile proceedings, open to public

KCHIP, contraceptive coverage

KCHIP, counseling interventions, perinatal depression, coverage requirement

KCHIP, coverage for speech therapy, treatment for stuttering

KCHIP, cranial conditions, coverage requirements

KCHIP, hepatitis C virus infection, pregnant and postpartum women, coverage requirement

KCHIP, obesity treatment, coverage requirement

KCHIP, prescription drugs, postpartum mood disorders, coverage requirement

Kentucky Board of Education, student voting member, addition

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, formulas, coverage requirement

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, injectable epinephrine devices, coverage requirement

Kentucky Community School Initiative, participating schools, recognition

Kentucky Department of Education, nicotine products, prevention and cessation

Kentucky Kinship Task Force, establishment

Kentucky National Guard Adoption Assistance Program, eligibility, expansion

Kentucky School for the Deaf Governance Task Force, study of governance models

Kindergarten, full day of attendance

Kindergarten, full day of instruction

Learning pods, child-care center, exclusion

Learning pods, family child-care home, exclusion

Limited English proficiency students, enhanced support program

Local boards of education, tobacco and other nicotine products, possession, penalties

Local juvenile restorative justice advisory committee, requirement

Local juvenile restorative justice committees, establishment

Maternal and infant mortality and disparities awareness month, recognition

Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day, recognition

Medicaid coverage, lactation support services and breastfeeding supplies, requirement

Medicaid reimbursement rate, out-of-state children's hospitals

Medicaid residential waiver services, use of video recording devices, permission

Medical treatments inconsistent with student's sex, repeal prohibition

Medicinal cannabis, administration by parent or legal guardian on school property

Mental health and substance use disorder coverage

Minor employment, prohibitions

Minor employment, regulations, requirements

Minor settlements, restricted accounts and annuities, requirements

Minors as parties, emergency protective orders, domestic violence orders

Minors as parties, interpersonal protective orders

Name change for a minor, guidelines

Name change for a minor, hearing and guidelines

Newborn safety device, definition, continuous staffing exception

Non-school bus passenger vehicles, driver qualifications, drug testing, license required

Non-school bus passenger vehicles, vehicles designed for 15 or fewer passengers, conditions of use

Online services and media, covered entities, data, duties to minors

Outdoor nature-based child-care centers, licensure requirements

Paid family leave insurance

Paid parental leave, state employees

Parent or guardian, attendance at court hearings, requirement

Parental consent, child health and mental healthcare

Parental opt out, instruction on human sexuality, public schools, establishing

Parental opt out, well-being questionnaires and assessments, public schools, establishing

Parental rights, termination, voluntary and informed consent

Parental rights, voluntary termination

Paternity, affidavits, Social Security number of child's father, removal

Paternity, postnatal testing

Paternity, prenatal testing

Patient medical record access, standards

Pediatric abusive head trauma physicians, pediatricians, continuing education

Perinatal care, advisory committee, establishment

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders screenings, coverage requirement

Portable automated external defibrillators, public school buildings and events, requirement

Possession of a handgun by a minor, enhanced penalty

Possession of matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor, computer-generated image

Postincarceration supervision, child pornography offenses

Postincarceration supervision, conviction for child pornography offenses

Preschool education program, eligibility

Preschool, eligible three and four-year-olds, school districts to provide

Proposed constitutional amendment, education costs outside public schools

Proposed constitutional amendment, educational costs outside public schools

Protection, adult cabaret, definition, regularly, insertion

Protection, adult-oriented business, definition, regularly, insertion

Protection, adult-oriented businesses, relocation, establishment

Public education capacities, political knowledge

Public offense, mental health, treatment facility, establishment

Public offense, mental health, treatment plan, establishment

Public offense petition, notice to school, requirement

Public offense petition, public school records, maintenance

Public school campuses, lactating students, reasonable accommodations, minimum requirements

Public schools, assessment and accountability system, English learners, flexibility, urge

Public schools, diversity, equity, and inclusion, prohibition of spending and advocacy

Public schools, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, prohibitions, spending and advocacy

Public schools, duty to act to protect Jewish students from violence and antisemitism

Public schools, federal accountability requirements, urging expansion

Public schools, required learning capacities of Kentucky public students

Public schools, social and emotional learning, prohibition

Purple Star School Program, establishment

Rebuttable presumption related to child dependency, neglect, or abuse, establishment

Relative and fictive kin caregivers list, establishment

Relative or fictive kin foster parents, criteria

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Crisis line, public display in schools, requirement

Sale of kratom products, prohibition

Sales and use tax, diapers, exemption

Sales and use tax, postnatal supplies, exemption

School AED Fund, expansion of permitted use, medical devices to protect student athletes

School attendance, youth work program

School bathroom use by students of opposite biological sex, modification

School discipline, assaults at school, employee leave benefits and rights, mandatory reporting

School district transportation services policy, students with disabilities, federal law compliance

School enrollment residency, military orders, proof of residency

School nutrition, community eligibility provision, reimbursement to school districts

School transportation, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus passenger vehicles

School transportation, alternative transportation plan, non-school bus vehicles

Schools, social media safety instruction

Screen time, public school students, limitations

Sex crimes against victim under 12 years old, capital offense

Sex offender, social media use, display of full legal name

Sex offenders, residing within 3,000 feet of specific locations, prohibitions

Sexual exploitation, computer-generated images

Sexual exploitation of minors, digitally altered images of minors

Social media accounts, parental consent, requirement

Social studies curriculum, censorship, prohibition

State child and maternal fatality review team, establishment

Status offender, escape charge, provision

Statute of limitations, civil actions, childhood sexual assault or abuse

Student data, public schools, digital instructional services, limitations

Student digital data, public schools, parental rights

Student examinations, treatments, or surveys, specific topics, parental consent

Student lunch period, 30 minute minimum duration

Student representative, local school boards, requirement

Student transportation on non-school bus passenger vehicles, applicability of driver qualifications

Superintendent of schools, juvenile records, delegation of authority

Supplemental WIC program payment, established

Take Your Child to Vote Day, recognition

Temporary removal hearing, burden of proof

Temporary removal hearing, finding of abuse or neglect

Termination of parental rights, abuse and neglect

Tobacco and other nicotine products, possession and use by minors, status offense, penalties

Transfer on death, requirements

Trauma-informed teams and plans, child abuse and neglect awareness and prevention, inclusion

Unexcused absences, director of pupil personnel, filing provision

Uniform Collaborative Law Act

Uniform Transfers to Minors Act

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Vital statistics, data collection, boy and girl, identification

Work program, minors aged 12 or 13

Youth independent living program requirements, establishment

Youth work program, nonprofit, establishment

Youthful offender, offenses involving a firearm, Circuit Court transfer back to District Court

Youthful offender, offenses involving a frearm, Circuit Court transfer

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