Rep. Pollock, Michael Sarge Sponsored Bills

An asterisk(*) next to a bill request denotes primary sponsorship. If a session does not appear it is because the legislator does not have any sponsored bills for the session.

2022 Regular Session 

2022 Regular Session Top

Bill Title
HB 1 AN ACT relating to appropriations measures providing funding and establishing conditions for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, cabinets, departments, boards, commissions, institutions, subdivisions, agencies, and other state-supported activities.
HB 3 AN ACT relating to public health and declaring an emergency.
HB 5 AN ACT relating to fiscal matters providing funding for disaster recovery and relief, making an appropriation therefor, and declaring an emergency.
HB 23 AN ACT relating to athletics.
HB 43 AN ACT relating to religious freedom during a declared emergency.
HB 203 AN ACT relating to consumer protection through regulation of pharmacy-related trade practices.
HB 220 AN ACT relating to intimidation of a sports official.
HB 306* AN ACT relating to pest and weed control.
HB 326 AN ACT relating to the Honor and Remember flag.
HB 370 AN ACT relating to health care trade practices.
HB 381 AN ACT relating to hospital after-care for veterans.
HB 457 AN ACT relating to pharmacy or pharmacist services.
HB 474* AN ACT relating to insurance data security.
HB 475 AN ACT proposing an amendment to Section 181 of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to the General Assembly's authority over local revenue options.
HB 476 AN ACT relating to local taxation.
HB 499 AN ACT relating to employee child-care assistance and declaring an emergency.
HB 627* AN ACT relating to a tax credit for stillage management.
HR 26 A RESOLUTION honoring Kentucky's farmers for helping provide citizens with the most nutritious and affordable food in the world, and recognizing February 20 to 26, 2022, as Food Check-Out Week in Kentucky.
HR 49 A RESOLUTION recognizing January 27, 2022, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
HR 53 A RESOLUTION adjourning the House of Representatives in honor and loving memory of Darryl Owens.
HR 95 A RESOLUTION condemning Russia's unprovoked military aggression and invasion of the sovereign state of Ukraine.
HR 125 A RESOLUTION honoring the Kentucky Historical Society.

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