Housing, Building, and Construction


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Housing Trust Fund, require report to LRC every two years, fees collected for - HB 338: HFA (1)
housing trust, establishment of - SB 43: HCS
Claims for material or labor, failure to pay, increase penalty for - HB 713
Contracts and agreements, Office for Housing, Buildings and Construction - HB 427
Education institutions, construction, exempt from paying prevailing wage - HB 64
inspections, local government powers regarding - HB 28: SCS
inspectors, powers and duties of - HB 28
Elevated blood lead levels, testing and reporting of - HB 117: HCS
Elevator inspectors, number hired, removal of cap - SB 225: SCS
Domain, restriction of - HB 122
domain, restrictions on use by public entities - SB 29
Escalators, fixed guideway systems and moving walkways, inspection required - SB 225
Helmets to Hardhats Program, encourage commitment - HR 122
Historic or prehistoric remains on property, limitations created by - HB 627
Housing Corporation, reporting requirements - HB 338: HCA (1)
Buildings and Construction administrative regulation procedure, exemptions from - SB 224: SCS
Buildings and Construction, changes in authority to promulgate administrative regulations - SB 224
permit process - HB 139: HCS
permit process, local governments may act in - HB 139
Inspection of residential rental property - HB 752
affordable housing trust fund, establish - SB 216: HFA (1)
Board of Architects, provisions for - SB 62; SB 62: SCS
Board of Home Inspectors, membership of - SB 66; SB 66: SCS
Housing Corporation, appointment of Ann O. Cornette to Board - SR 162
Housing Corporation, military families, assistance for - SB 2: HCS
Housing Corporation, National Guard and Reserve, assistance for - SB 2; SB 2: SCS
Lead, elevated blood levels, testing and reporting of - HB 117
affordable housing trust fund, creation and funding of - HB 338: HCS (1)
affordable housing trust fund, creation of funding and functions - HB 338
home residents, good cause required for eviction - HB 187
homes and mobile homes, installer certification standards apply to all installations of - HB 94: SFA (1)
Mobile and manufactured home community permit fees - HB 611
Modify the historic structure rehabilitation tax credit - HB 663
for Housing, Buildings and Construction, contracts and agreements - HB 427: HCS
for Housing, Buildings and Construction, plumbers' licenses, evidence of continuing education - HB 427: HCS
Plumber and electrician licensing, exemptions for charities constructing low-income housing - HB 694
Plumbers' licenses, evidence of continuing education, Office for Housing, Buildings & Construction - HB 427
Prevailing wage, repeal of - HB 217
Recovery Kentucky, banning sex offenders from - HB 384
Recreational Vehicle Certification and Licensure Board, repeal of - HB 308; SB 122: SCS, HFA (1)
Revenue for Affordable Housing Trust Fund, require report to LRC on - HB 338: HFA (2)
Senate Bill, delete Section 3 - SB 28: HFA (1)
orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 99
orientation and gender identity, discrimination based on, prohibit - HB 369
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