Workers' Compensation


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Administrative law judge, confirmation, J. Landon Overfield - SR 339
lung, delete consensus and reduce age to 52 for RIB cash option - HB 676
lung, deletion of retraining incentive benefits - SB 247
and alcohol retesting, miner certifications, requirements for - HB 572: HCS
and alcohol testing of miners, requirements for - HB 572
Exercise rider, employee status for - HB 741
Gardner, John A., Workers' Compensation Board, reappointment - SR 290
Heart or respiratory disease in firefighters, create rebuttable presumption for - HB 420
Board of Directors, appointment, Jennifer B. Reed - SR 272
Board of Directors, appointment, John C. Miller - SR 273
benefits, capped for disability - HB 681
services, termination, provisions for - HB 388: SFA (1)
of Workers' Claims, administrative law judge, reappointment, Irene C. Steen - SR 338
of Workers' Claims, Administrative law judge, reappointment, John Barry Coleman - SR 310
Self insurance, liability for pre-1997 claims - SB 191: SFA (1)
Self-insurance, liability for pre-1997 claims - SB 191: SCS
fund assessment and membership change of funding commission - HB 388
Fund, severance tax transfer deleted - HB 675
Teachers and school employees, paid leave due to assault, coordination of benefits with - SB 51: SFA (1)
Terry, Donna H., administrative law judge, confirmation - SR 271
Thoroughbred jockeys and exercise rider, coverage provided - SB 191: HCA (1)
Unfair claims practices, increase penalties for - HB 97
Workers' compensation for racing employees, eligibility for - HB 741: HCS
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