4-H Capitol Experience, honor youth, adult participants

4-H Capitol Experience, recognize participation in

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Donna Amburgey

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, H.H. Barlow

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Richard Warner

Agricultural district, requirements for

Agricultural products, purchase of

Agriculture and siviculture, Stream Restoration and Mitigation Authority, representation on

Agroterrorism, establish penalties and liability for

Agroterrorism, penalties for

Amusement rides and attractions, regulation of

Animal Control Advisory Board, membership changes

Animal cruelty, torture, bar ownership on conviction

Animal health, peace officer

Animal health, peace officer stipulations

Animal health, provisions governing

Animal health, set out peace officer duties

Animal identification program, participation in

Animal identification, regulation of

Animal shelter standards, exemption to

Animal shelters, regulation of

Animals, treatment of

Aquaculture, project definition, Cabinet for Economic Development

Aquaculture Task Force, plan, reporting of

Beekeeping fund, create name for

Beekeeping, promotion of

Brands and marks, technical corrections

Bulk tobacco, allow inspection of moisture devices for

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for nonissuance

Cloned meat, dairy, poultry, task force to study

Cloned meat, poultry, and dairy, study of

Cruelty, ownership, prohibition and forfeiture for

Dairy and beef cattle, showing of

Deer population control, dangers, direct agency study

Deer study, set report dates

Drought assistance, fiscal year 2007-2008

Egg marketing law, retail, wholesale requirements

Equine trails, report on availability

Farm trucks, voluntary contribution to Kentucky Proud program

Food Checkout Day, recognition of

Ginseng, regulation of

Goat regulations, set provisions for

Grain insurance, requirements for

Gravel operations, agricultural use, limited permit for

KARDA, board membership, changes to

KARDA, responsibilities of

Kentucky Aquaculture Task Force, reauthorization of

Kentucky beekeeping fund

Kentucky beekeeping fund, establish

Kentucky Farm Bureau, Commission of Agriculture, Kentucky Trails Authority, members of

Kentucky Milk Commission, creation of

Kentucky Proud Program, provisions of

Kentucky Proud, promotion of

Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority, ATV use in adventure tourism & trespassing, study of

Kentucky State Fair, recognition of importance of

Kentucky Wine and Vine Festival, official designation of

Kentucky-grown agricultural products, purchase of

PACE, termination of donated easements, payment to legal heirs at law

Poultry houses, set distance from schools and other facilities

Referendums, sheep and goats, allowing of

Spay/neuter, require for adoption, release

Task Force on Animal Agriculture, authorization for

Timber, theft of

Tobacco products and cigarettes purchases on behalf of minors, prohibition on

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorize

Unpasteurized goat milk, regulation of

Veterinarians, regulation of

Veterinary student loan forgiveness program, establishment of

Weights and measures, servicemen and service agencies, regulation of

Withdraw from sale order, clarify procedures for

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