House Bill 489

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Title AN ACT relating to forestry.
Bill Documents Bill
Impact Statements Corrections Impact
Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 1366
Sponsors L. Combs, E. Ballard
Summary of Original Version Create new sections of KRS Chapter 364 to require contracts for sale of timber and specify contents thereof; require notice to neighbors of timber cutting; require marking of cut timber prior to removal from property; specify duties of the Division of Forestry with regard to timber sales and theft; require a timber buyer to provide an accurate manifest of cut timber transported from the property; grant the Attorney General, Commonwealth's attorneys, and county attorneys jurisdiction in timber theft and timber damage cases; provide whistle blower protection to persons who report timber crimes; amend KRS 364.110 relating to defacing timber brand to add a provision relating to timber branded pursuant to this act; amend KRS 364.120 to update a section reference, amend KRS 364.990 relating to penalties to provide penalties for violation of new sections of this act; amend KRS 514.010 relating to definitions for theft offenses to specifically include timber and trees as property which may be the subject of theft; create a new section of KRS Chapter 532 to provide specific measures of restitution in timber theft cases including reimbursement of costs of investigation and prosecution; repeal KRS 364.130 and 371.100.
Index Headings of Original Version Forests and Forestry - Division of, duties with regard to sale and theft of timber
Corrections Impact - Timber, theft of
Local Mandate - Timber, theft of
Attorney, Commonwealth's - Timber, theft of
Attorney, County - Timber, theft of
Attorney General - Timber, theft of
Agriculture - Timber, theft of
Crimes and Punishments - Timber, theft of
Criminal Procedure - Timber, theft of
Forests and Forestry - Timber, theft of
Notices - Timber, intent to cut, notice of
Police, State - Toll-free telephone number, timber theft, reporting of, Division of Forestry use of


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  • to Natural Resources & Environment (H)
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