Criminal Procedure

Abortion, provide ultrasound prior to

Abortion, requirements and prohibitions relating to

Accident, leaving scene of, penalty increase

Alcohol vaporizing devices

Alcohol vaporizing devices, prohibit

Animals cruelty to, add shelter requirement

Assault, 3rd degree, include licensed health care professionals

Assault in the third degree, include city/county official

Assault, penalty increase where victim is aged or disabled

Asset forfeiture, conviction of sexual offense, requirement for

Aviation security, offenses relating to

Bad check, increase in collection fee

Bail, uniform schedule of

Beer kegs, sale of

Burglary, penalty increase for theft of drugs

Business entities, omnibus revision

Canteens, jail and prison, use of profits

Case submission, jury duties after

Child testimony, when court testimony not required

Concealed deadly weapon license, eligibility for

Confiscated firearms, auction of, permitted uses of proceeds from

Constables, omnibus revision

Controlled substances offender registration

Court costs, increase for supervised child visitation

Crime victims' employment leave and confidentiality, requirements for

Cruelty to animals, expand prohibitions

Cruelty to, maintenance fees and forfeiture

Custody, failure to return

Custody, failure to return to

Deadly weapons, colleges and universities

Death penalty, abolition of

Deception, theft by, inclusion of sec. deposit for rent, auction escrow acct., real estate purchase

Deputy circuit court clerks, supplemental compensation

DNA backlog reduction program, urge Congress to fund

DNA sample collection, authorized agent

DNA, sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, requirements

DNA sample collection, requirements and procedures

Dog or cat, torture of

Dogs, require buyer guarantees, increase torture penalty

Domestic relations records, confidentiality of

Domestic violence order, person subject to shall not possess firearm

Domestic violence order, venue, transfer

Driving on expired license, exemption for returning military personnel

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete attorney contact

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete right to telephone attorney upon arrest

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, restore attorney contact

DUI, blood testing

DUI, effect of prior convictions

DUI, provisions relating to

Electronic warrants

Enforcement of immigration law, agreements for

Execution, procedure to prevent, when applicable

Expungement of records, Class D felony and misdemeanor

Expungement of records, criminal history

False name or address, giving of to peace officer

Felon, restoration of voting rights for

Felony prisoners, state financial responsibility for

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, purchases, reports of

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Foreign national, state police trained to arrest under federal law

Forfeiture of personal property for certain sex offenses, distribution of

Forfeiture, offenses triggering

Forged instrument, use of

Gambling devices, possession, exception

GPS monitoring for lifetime registrants during probation or parole, requirement for

Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of

Halfway houses near public parks, placement in prohibited

Harassing communications, add Internet, increase penalty

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

Home invasion, penalty for crimes relating to

Identity theft, data protection, omnibus revision

Identity theft, obtaining or maintaining employment

Identity, theft of

Incompetency to stand trial, sex offender registration requirement

Juvenile, records access

Kentucky Penal Code, study of

Leaving vehicle unattended, delete prohibition

Leaving vehicle unattended, prohibition on

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Manslaughter, gender-neutral language

Marriage, soliciting

Minor's purchase or possession of alcohol, operators license suspension for

Minors, sale of alcohol to

Misdemeanor offense, jail time reduction

National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, ratify

Nonferrous metals, exemptions

Nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Nonsupport, add ex-spouse

Nonviolent drug offenders, parole program for

Organs and parts for transplantation, sale or purchase, prohibition of

Parole Board, membership and hearing requirements

Partial birth abortion

Penal Code, Kentucky, commission to study

Personal emergency response system providers, regulation of

Pilot project, opening of court proceedings, dependency and parental rights

Police department, city of the sixth class, countywide jurisdiction

Pretrial diversion program

Pretrial diversion, services available

Pretrial diversion, substance abuse

Pretrial release, effect of substance abuse

Prisoner in jail, information to be obtained from

Public servants, crimes committed by

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Records, juvenile, attorney access

Residential mortgage fraud, penalties for

Robbery 2nd degree, violent offense

Scene of, penalty

Sex crimes, victims, polygraph prohibited

Sex offender registry, requirements and prohibitions relating to registrants

Sex offender, residence restriction, youth organization

Sex offenders, prohibit physical presence in certain areas

Sex offenders, residency restriction

Sex offense with minor, electronic communication

Sex offenses against children, increase misdemeanor statute of limitations for

Sexual abuse, privileged communications

Sexual exploitation of minors, forfeiture of property

Sexual offense, forfeiture of personal property

Sexual offense, solicitation of minor

Sexual offenses against minors, prohibited conduct

Sexual offenses against minors, require asset forfeiture

Sexual offenses, noncontact restraining order

Sexual offenses, persons of special trust, position of authority, age change

Sexually oriented business, separation of semi-nude employees from patrons

Shock probation, granting of in fatal DUI cases

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

Shock probation, offenses for which denied

Stalking, electronics in furtherance of

Stolen items with vehicle identification numbers, require report to NCIC

Student protection, crimes, policies, and procedures relating to

Tennessee Valley Authority Police officers. statewide jurisdiction, grant of

Theft of identity, add avoiding criminal prosecution as element of offense

Theft of identity, additional prohibitions

Timber, theft of

Torture of dog or cat, Class D felony

Tracking devices, implantation in humans

Urge Congress to continue funding for Debbie Smith DNA backlog reduction program

Victim impact statement, family of deceased victim

Violent offenders, expansion of definition


Wrongful incarceration, claim for

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