Local Mandate

911 service charge, permit local government to designate collection agent other than phone provider

Abortion, provide ultrasound prior to

Abortion, requirements and prohibitions relating to

Accident, leaving

Accident, leaving scene to a Class D felony

Activated members of National Guard or Reserves, continuation of benefits, requirement for

Alcohol possession, minors under age 18

Alcohol vaporizing devices

Alcohol vaporizing devices, prohibit

Alcoholic beverages, minimum purchase age, exception for persons in military

Aliens, law enforcement activity relating to

Anatomical Gift Act, omnibus revision

Animal control officers, removal animal carcasses from railroad right-of-way

Animal shelters, regulation of

Animals cruelty to, add shelter requirement

Annexation, when existing city-owned utility infrastructure already present

Archaeological sites, family access, landowner compliance, requirement

Assembly, repeal annual sessions of, submission to voters

Aviation security, offenses relating to

Bad check, increase in collection fee

Beer kegs, sale of

Board of Barbering, membership and actions of

Board of Landscape Architects may appeal to

Body piercing and tattooing, standards of practice established

Broadcast radio and television towers, exemption from property tax

Burglary, penalty increase for theft of drugs

Burial of animals, restriction on in public cemetery

Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for nonissuance

Campaign finance report, allow candidate to designate electronic filing as official copy

Casino gaming

Casino gaming, legislative bodies and voters, approval from

Chapter 75 fire protection districts, expansion of territory

Child abuse and neglect reporting, penalties, enhanced

Cities and counties, sales and use tax, authority to impose

Cities, boundaries, reduction of when no services provided to landowner

Cities of the first class, employees' activities involving ballot initiatives, restriction

Closed meetings, restrict membership in organizations which hold

Code enforcement boards, civil penalties for

Code enforcement boards, civil penalties for violations of ordinances

Collection bins, disclosure of beneficiary required

Community residential correctional centers, approval

Community residential correctional centers, notice and approval

Compensatory leave time, city employees, applicable to

Concealed deadly weapon license, eligibility for

Constitutional amendment, on ballot placed

Construction, best value specifications for

Construction contracts, best value specification for

Contributions, expenditures, and reporting changes

Controlled substances offender registration

Controls for privately-constructed residential developments

Coroner or deputy coroner, issuance of death certificate by

Counties containing consolidated local governments, residential density for certain roads

County board of elections, expanded duties of

County consolidation, process for

Court house districts, dissolution of

Court security officer, compensation increase

Court security officers, certification requirements

Crime victim address protection program, creation of

Custody, failure to return to

Dead body, unclaimed, cremation allowed by coroner

Deadly weapons, colleges and universities

Death certificates, authorize filing at local health departments

Definition of county employee, amendment to include city employee

Designate coal severance single county projects

Disability placards, require the use of indelible ink

Dispatch communications personnel, definitions for collective bargaining in urban-county governments

Distilled spirits and wine sampling event, provision of product

DNA, sample collection, mandatory

DNA sample collection, requirements and procedures

Dog or cat, torture of, increase penalty for

Dogs, require buyer guarantees, increase torture penalty

Domestic violence order, person subject to shall not possess firearm

Domestic violence order, prohibit firearm possession, surrender of firearms

Drug and alcohol tests on holders of commercial driver's license

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, delete attorney contact

DUI, alcohol concentration, drug use, restore attorney contact

Early voting, establishment of

Election days alcoholic beverages, local legislative body may permit sale of

Electrical service to manufactured or mobile homes, certified installer's seal required to connect

Electrician licensing, change to biennial license renewal for those localities participating in

Electronic titling, restrict to motor vehicle dealers

Electronic titling system, establish

Electronic warrants, participation in

Eminent domain, fence replacement

Employee toilet facility, use by persons, establish

Employees, misclassification as indenpendent contractors, penalties provided

Employment leave for crime victims, creation of and requirements for

Establish a tax increment financing account in the finance cabinet

Exempt bonds, for public infrastructure authority

Expungement of records, criminal history

Fatherhood Information System of Kentucky, creation of

Federally documented vessels, exempt from local property tax

Fees, urban county government

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, purchases, reports of

Ferrous and nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Filing deadline and primary, change in dates

Firefighter license plates, include retirees

Firefighter special license plate, omnibus revisions

Firefighters labor disputes, mediation and arbitration procedures

Firefighters, occupational disease, cancer

Forfeiture of personal property for certain sex offenses, distribution of

Forfeiture of real and personal property, required for sex offenses against minors

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements

Gambling devices, possession, exception

Golf carts, allow local governments to adopt ordinances permitting use on designated public roads

Golf carts, use on public roadways

GPS monitoring for lifetime registrants during probation or parole, requirement for

Harassing communications, add Internet, increase penalty

HB 103 to SB 189

Health insurance, limitation of coverage to employee and family members

Home invasion, penalty for crimes relating to

Homestead exemption, increase, constitutional amendment

Hunting and fishing violations, enhancing penalties for

Identity theft, data protection, omnibus revision

Industrial park, treatment of taxes after annexation of

Information and records, confidentiality, penalty

Insurance premium tax, local government administration and assessment

Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses

Juvenile Court, status offenders

Kentucky Heritage Council, expanded regulatory power of

Kentucky Retirement Systems, amend hazardous duty retiree health benefits

Kentucky Retirement Systems, housekeeping bill

Kentucky Retirement Systems, Housekeeping Bill

KERS, high-three final compensation and 2.2 percent benefit factor window extension

KLEFP Fund, move administration back to the Justice Cabinet

KLEFP Fund, transfer administration to DOCJT and increase stipend amount

Land use planning goals, objectives, action by legislative bodies and fiscal court, requirement for

Landscape architects, limit punishment of and change venue for appeals and injunctions regarding

Law Enforcement Council, Kentucky, add constables as members

Legislative bodies and fiscal courts action, proposed planning goals and objectives, clarification

Legislators' Retirement Plan, adjust COLA and new hire employee contribution rate

License fees in cities, limit to 1.5%

Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of

Local fire chief, fireworks reporting requirements and permitting process, duties in

Local Government Employees Retirement System, establishment of

Local government insurance premium tax

Local occupational tax, delete city tax offset

Local occupational taxes, establish centralized collection process

Local option elections, alcoholic beverage sales allowed, conditions governing

Local option elections, alcoholic beverage sales at veterans' service organizations' posts

Local property tax exemption for private aircraft

Manufactured housing, requirements for weather radios

Manufactured or mobile homes, installation stickers for

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, establish a tiered response system for

Methamphetamine-contaminated property, post notice of quarantine for

Minors, sale of alcohol to

Misdemeanor offense, jail time reduction

Missing impaired adults, improve rescue squads and searches for

Missing impaired adults, rescue squads and searches for

Mobile home, manufactured home, and RV communities, change agency regulating

Municipal incorporation of territory served by fire districts

Nonferrous metals, requirements for sale and acquisition

Nonviolent drug offenders, parole program for

Notice of hearings, final orders and cellular tower applications, delivery by first-class mail

Operation and funding of jails, appropriations for

Orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of

Parking ordinance, law enforcement exemption

Payment to election officers and to counties, increase of

Perpetual care and maintenance cemetery fund requirements, local government exemption

Personal emergency response system providers, guidelines, establish

Personal emergency response system providers, regulation of

Personal emergency response systems and other alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing

Personal emergency response systems, regulate private residential use and sale of

Personal information, data protection, notification

Pilot programs for elections by mail, establishment of

Police department, city of the sixth class, countywide jurisdiction

Poultry houses, set distance from schools and other facilities

Prisoner in jail, information to be obtained from

Probate fees, estate of one killed in line of duty, exemption for

Probate fees, estate of soldier killed on active duty, exemption

Property tax bills, preparation of bills below threshold amount

Property taxes, mailing address of party contractually responsible for payment, inclusion in deed

Prosthetic, Orthotic, and Pedorthic Board, licensing board appointments and liability

Provisional ballots, all elections, availability of

Public agencies, limit health insurance coverage to employee and family members

Public defender office, establishment of

Public employees, collective bargaining, authorization

Public facilities, allow governmental entities a sales tax rebate

Public infrastructure authorities, allow establishment to construct and operate highway projects

Public servants, crimes committed by

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

PVA funding, commission on tax bill for

Racetracks and casinos, omnibus bill

Radio and TV towers, change in property tax on

Railroad mobile camps, set requirements governing the sanitation of

Referendum committees, deletion of

Report to NCIC required, stolen items with vehicle identification numbers

Rescue programs, search and rescue programs, omnibus revision

Retail alcoholic beverage sales, mandatory server training program, establishment of

Retirement, DROP program for hazardous duty employees of consolidated local governments

Retirement, establishment of new benefit structure for new hires in KERS

Retirement, high-three final compensation and 2.2 percent benefit factor window extension

Runoff elections, elimination of

Sadieville, sixth to fifth class

School bus accident, drug and alcohol testing

Sex crimes, victims, polygraph prohibited

Sex offender registry, requirements and prohibitions relating to registrants

Sex offense with minor, electronic communication

Sex-based wage discrimination, prohibited on comparable jobs

Sexual offenses, noncontact restraining order

Sexual offenses, persons of special trust, position of authority, age change

Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of

Shock probation in felony cases, prohibitions on

Skaggs Brothers, Designate KY 32 in Lawrence County in honor of

Smoke detectors, inspect single family dwellings for

Solid waste employees, hazardous duty retirement coverage

Spay/neuter, require for adoption, release

Speciality license plates, decrease renewal fees for Purple Heart recipients

State parks, wine and malt beverage sales, local option election authorized

Status, misrepresentation of, prohibit

Straight party voting prohibited

Student protection, crimes, policies, and procedures relating to

Supplement health insurance for retired city police and fire personnel in city of third class

Tax increment financing, programs

Timber, intent to cut, notice of

Timber, theft of

Timetable for solicitation of signature for nomination papers, establishment of

Torture of dog or cat, Class D felony

Tracking devices, implantation in humans

Underground facilities, damage protection thereof

Unemployment insurance, confidentiality of information and records

Urban county governments, planning and zoning variances, limitations

Urban-county police and fire department applicants, reinstatement of

Urban-county police and firefighters, allow reinstatement of

Volunteer fire departments, tax limits, procedures for expanding


Weather radios, clarifications, exclusions, emergency

Wine sales, retail food establishment

Wine sales, retail food establishment, license authorized

Wireless device, use prohibited while operating a motor vehicle

Witness protection, technical correction

Workers' compensation, contractor and subcontractor, liability of

Workers' compensation, employer's reckless conduct, suits permitted for

Workers' compensation injury, rebuttable presumption of injury

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