Animals, Livestock, and Poultry

Agroterrorism, establish penalties and liability for

Agroterrorism, penalties for

Animal carcasses, removal from railroad right-of-way

Animal cruelty, torture, bar ownership on conviction

Animal health, peace officer

Animal health, peace officer stipulations

Animal health, requirements governing

Animal health, set out peace officer duties

Animal identification program, participation in

Animal identification, regulation of

Animal shelter standards, exemption to

Animal shelters, regulation of

Animals, ownership, prohibition and forfeiture for

Aquaculture Task Force, plan, reporting of

Beekeeping fund, create name for

Beekeeping, promotion of

Brands and marks, technical corrections

Burial of animals, restriction on in public cemetery

Cattle, showing of

Cloned meat, dairy, poultry, task force on

Cloned meat, dairy products, require label for

Cloned meat, poultry, and dairy, study of

Cruelty prohibition, expand applicability

Cruelty to, dog shelter requirements

Cruelty to, maintenance fees and forfeiture

Deer population control, dangers, direct agency study

Deer study, set report dates

Dog or cat, torture of

Dogs, require buyer guarantees, increase torture penalty

Drought assistance, fiscal year 2007-2008

Equine trails, report on availability

Goat regulations, set provisions for

Hunting, licenses and permits, fees

Interlocal agreements, aid for counties in animal control

Kentucky Aquaculture Task Force, reauthorization of

Kentucky beekeeping fund, establish

Kentucky Horse Park, congratulate and commend

Kentucky Milk Commission, creation of

Kentucky State Fair, recognition of importance of

Kentucky State Horse Park, restrictions on certain vehicles and trailers

Lemurs, exempt from sales tax

Permits for the taking of wild elk, minimum number issued per county

Poultry houses, set distance from schools and other facilities

Quarantine of service animals who have bitten humans, exemption for

Referendums, sheep and goats, allowing of

Service animal quarantine, law enforcement exemption

Spay/neuter, require for adoption, release

Straw, wood shavings, sawdust, exempt from sales and use tax

Task Force on Animal Agriculture, authorization for

Torture of dog or cat, Class D felony

Unpasteurized goat milk, regulation of

Veterinarians, regulation of

Veterinarians, treatment by

Veterinary student loan forgiveness program, establishment of

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