County Clerks

Accessible parking placards, allow for pregnant women and parents of children under one

Candidate, political organization or political group, filing for

Candidates for Governor, running mate, delay selection of

Certificate of title for all-terrain vehicles

Certificate of title for all-terrain vehicles, establish procedures

Conduct of elections, pilot program for early voting

Contributions and reports, regulation of

County clerk moving office to require vote

County clerks offices in areas other than county seat

County employees retirement system, definition of seasonal position

Date of primary, change of

Disabled veteran license plates, eliminate fees

Duplicate filing requirement for legislative candidates, abolishment of

Early voting, authority to

Early voting, establishment of

Early voting, no excuse necessary

Early voting, permission for

Election of judges, preferential voting system

Elections, filing dates for primaries

Elections, order of candidates, determination of

Filing of reports by all candidates, requirement of

Gold Star Fathers license plate, establish

In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate

In person absentee voting, application for, caretakers of voters having surgery

Information to maintain voting rosters, reception of

License plate, "In God We Trust", establish as alternate standard issue plate

License plates for disabled veterans, eliminate fees

Marriage certificate, require pertinent data about the legislator who solemnized the marriage on

Mopeds, titling and registration of

Motor vehicle ad valorem tax, elimination of

Motor vehicle property tax collection fee, reimbursement of

Motor vehicle registration, voluntary contribution permitted upon registration of a farm truck

Notaries public, regulation of

Notary publics

Notice requirement from county clerks, date of

Number of days after an election for transmittal of information, change in

Offices, allow in areas other than county seat

Ordinances, procedures for amendment, publication and enactment

Pilot program counties, designation of

Pilot program for primary, inclusion of

Registered Independents, primaries, participation in

Registration, motor vehicle

Requirements and restrictions during elections, members of the media

Sale of certificates of delinquency, move to county clerk's office

Sale of certificates of delinquency, process

Sheriff, county clerk and PVA require vote to move offices

Special license plates, allow sponsoring entities to set a requested donation amount

Temporary replacement on county board of elections, circumstance for

Titling of ATV's procedures for, establishment of

Voter preregistration for 16-year-olds, duties for

Voting, early, for caretakers of persons having surgery

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