Crimes and Punishments

08 HB 406, state budget, corrections, amendment to

911 communications, procedure for obtaining

911 communications, procedure for release of

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements

Abortion, practice, procedure, and prohibited acts

Abuse of a corpse, increase penalty

Accident, leaving the scene of, penalty increase

Accident or disaster, improper solicitation for medical services

Agroterrorism, set penalties for

Alcoholic beverages, technical correction

Animal cruelty, care of seized animals

Animal identification, bar unjustifiable removal of

Animals, cruelty to, add shelter requirements

Art therapy, remove imprisonment as a punishment option for violating practice provisions

Automated equipment or recorded political messages, use of subject to penalty and recover of damages

Boating while intoxicated, penalties and enforcement

Business entities, omnibus revision

Business solicitation, accidents

Candidate, electioneering by, crime of

Capital punishment, allow prior child abuse as an aggravating circumstance

Cheat, penalties for

Class D felony, bail for, technical correction

Contaminated foods, sale or disposition, penalty

Controlled substances, salvia, addition of Schedule I

Correctional health care programs

Cost to incarcerate, inclusion on sentencing orders

Crime victims' employment leave leave and confidentiality, requirements for

Criminal gang activity

Criminal gangs

Criminal records, misdemeanors, expungement

Cruelty to animals, technical corrections

Cyber-bullying, short title

Cybercrime, provisions relating to

Deadly weapons, permit carry and use for defense while hunting, fishing, trapping

Deception, theft by, check for insufficient funds

Direct care staff, ICF/MR resident, failure to supervise, penalties

DNA database, collection and utilization of samples

DNA samples, from whom taken, use

Driving under the influence, aggravating circumstances for

Driving under the influence, penalties for

Drug service fee, collection, distribution

Dueling, location of offense

DUI, aggravated alcohol levels

DUI, aggravating circumstances and increased penalties, lower alcohol concentration for

DUI, ignition interlock device, use of

DUI, ignition interlocks

DUI resulting in death, shock probation, victim's family's consent for

DUI, violation for controlled substance use

Electronic communications, use in stalking or harassment

Eligibility for parole, parole credit, discharge from parole

Employer's duties, jury service

Endangering welfare, technical correction

Evidence, sufficiency of, as to presumptions

Eyewitness identification, procedures for

False swearing, power of attorney for care of minor child, penalty for

Felon voting rights, timing of restoration of

Felony offense threshold, increase from $300 to $1,000

Fines and imprisonment, establishment of

Firearms certification, peace officers, active and retired

Funding and operation of jails

GPS monitoring for lifetime registrants during probation or parole, requirement for

Guaranteed arrest bond certificate, technical correction

Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of

Gunshot wounds or life-threatening injury, reporting of

Home invasion, penalty for crimes relating to

Hunting, fishing, and trapping, use and carrying of firearms

Hunting without permission on lands of another, increase penalties for

Identity theft, avoiding criminal prosecution, addition of

Inmate credits

Internet facilitated crimes and conduct, provisions relating to

Law enforcement agency, report VIN numbers on stolen items to NCIC

Life imprisonment without parole, youthful offender may be sentenced to, when

Manslaughter, technical corrections

Mental disorder or disability, severe, define defendant as

Mental incompetency, study of in criminal defense situations

Minors, criminal conduct, interviews

Nonsupport and flagrant non-support, spouse and ex-spouse

Offense of vehicular assault of a bicyclist or pedestrian

Parole board membership and hearings, court fees, home incarceration

Partial birth abortion

Penal Code, Kentucky, subcommittee to study

Penal Code, restriction on applicability

Penal Code, statute of limitations

Police department, city of sixth class, countywide jurisdiction

Postal Inspectors, United States, Kentucky peace officer status for

Practicing acupuncture without a license, penalty for

Presentence investigation report, sentencing without

Pretrial diversion, substance abuse

Prison industries enhancement

Prisoner nationality verification

Prisoners, community-service-projects

Prisoners working community-service-related projects, nonreligious requirement, deletion of

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Rape in the third degree, detention facility employees with inmates

Real estate appraisal, unlawful influence of, make a class A misdemeanor

Recording public performances, prohibition, exceptions

Salavia possession, trafficking, and cultivation, prohibition of

Salvia definition, other species in same genus, exclusion of

Salvia offenses, enhanced penalty for possession of firearm, exclusion from

School council parent member, criminal background check

School property, sexual or violent offender prohibited from

Self-defense, carrying firearms while hunting, fishing, or trapping

Sentence enhancements, limitation on use

Service fee, county attorney notice for alleged theft by deception

Sex offender registrants, requirements and prohibitions relating to

Sex offenses, crimes relating to

Sexual abuse by persons operating confinement facility

Sexual abuse in the first degree, by persons operating confinement facility

Sexual exploitation of minors, forfeiture of property

Sexual offenders, restriction on residency and activities

Sexually oriented business, separation of semi-nude employees from patrons

Shock probation, availability in DUI and homicide cases

Shock probation, prohibition of in cases of DUI and manslaughter

Solicitation of contributions on highways by minors, requirement for adult supervision

Solicitation of contributions on highways, minors, requirement for adult supervision

Soring horses, create ban on, set penalties for

State traffic school, increase fee to $50

Stolen or damaged property, reparation for, technical correction

Theft during disaster or emergency, sentencing and penalty

Theft of identity

Theft offenses, penalty increases

Theft offenses, provisions relating to

Trespass on retail and commercial premises, prohibit

Uniform schedule of bail

United States Mint Police, peace officer powers for

Unlawful transaction with a minor, activity involving salvia, prohibition of

Unlawful transaction with a minor, removal of prohibition regarding activity involving salvia

Victims' civil action against defendant for damages, technical correction

Violent offender, expansion of burglary first degree

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