Education, Finance

Best in Class program, loans, forgiveness and repayment

Capital outlay funds, use for general operating expenses

Capital outlay funds, use of

Career and technical education, funds for improvement of

Categorical state funds, growth districts, mid-year recalculation

CERS, remove employer contribution and health care reimbursement for reemployed retirees

Community education, use of funds for

County Employees Retirement System, establish 10 year phase-in to fully fund retiree health benefits

Early Access Grant Program, grants for dual credit courses

Early graduation scholarship fund, create

Early Graduation Scholarship Fund, SEEK, transfer, procedure for

Early graduation scholarship trust fund, create

Education savings plan, provide tax credit for

Fiduciary responsibilities and prudent investment standards of charitable institutions, modernize

Forgivable loan, dental or medical degree, establishment, eligibility for

Funding source identification, automated external defibrillators, school availability

Grant award criteria, dropout rate

Growth in districts, support education excellence in Kentucky, calculation of

Growth school districts, support education excellence in Kentucky calculation of

High school, early graduation scholarship certificate, define

High School, early graduation scholarship certificate define

Insurance, medical and dental, local board of education members

KEES base awards, homeschool high school students, calculation for

KEES, dual credit and part-time college courses, use of funds for

KEES, out-of-state institutions, requirements

Kentucky educational excellence scholarship, homeschool students, awards to

Kentucky educational excellence scholarships, use of

Kentucky Reservists, benefits for

KET college credit courses, Council on Postsecondary Education, funding restoration

Loan forgiveness, Best in Class

Postsecondary costs, funding formulas and proportionate shares, development of proposal

Preschool education, grants, Strong Start Kentucky Program

Property tax collections, omnibus revisions

Scholarship program, autism

School facilities, use of capital outlay funds

SEEK funds, growth districts, mid-year adjustments in

SEEK funds, state portion, calculation procedures for

Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, pay supplement authorized

State/Executive Branch Budget Bill, repeal and reenact amendment of

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Teacher advancement fund, creation of

Textbooks, postsecondary education, adoption policies

Tuition, postsecondary system, limiting amount of increase

Utility gross receipts license tax, Internet protocol television service, include

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