6 year road plan, clarify requirements for

Accessible parking placards, allow for pregnant women and parents of children under one

Accessible parking placards, clarification of use for pregnant women and those transporting infants

Alternative-speed motorcycles, permit use of on highways

Autocycles, permitted use on highways

Barge lines, clarify property tax filing date of

Biennial road plan, amendments to

Biennial road plan, Jefferson County, road project, addition of

Bill Francis Memorial Highway, designation of in Floyd County

CDL drug and alcohol testing database, requirement for

Cell phones, prohibit use by minor driver with instruction permit or intermediate driver's license

Certificate of title for all-terrain vehicles

Certificate of title for all-terrain vehicles, establish procedures

Disabled veteran license plates, eliminate fees

Distinguished Kentuckians, name roads in honor of

Division of Fleet Management, transfer of

Driver's license information, restrict retention and use when obtained to verify age for gift

Earl (Skip) Ritz Memorial Bridge, designate between Floyd County and Johnson county line

Farm trucks, allow 10% gross weight tolerance for

Fuel ethanol-blended gasoline, requirements for sale and use of commodities

Go Green special license plate, establishment of

Gold Star Fathers license plate, establish

Graduated drivers licensing, clarify effect on 18-year old drivers

Graduated drivers licensing, exempt military members from

Hardship driver license, permit for general traffic offenses

Hardship license, vehicular homicide, requirements for and penalties for noncompliance

Highway infrastructure authority, creation of

Highway infrastructure authority, technical corrections to

Highway work zone, speeding in, required notice for double fines

Identification cards for homeless, provide for

In God We Trust license plate, establish as alternate standard issue plate

Infrastructure authorities, approval of development agreement

James T. Dotson Bridge, designate on US 119 in Pike County

Kenny Rice, erect signs in honor of in the town of Eastern

License plate, "In God We Trust", establish as alternate standard issue plate

License plates for disabled veterans, eliminate fees

License plates, official green

Low-speed electric vehicles, permit use of on highways

Low-speed electric vehicles, permit use on highways

Low-speed vehicles, accident reporting

Low-speed vehicles, permit use of on highways

Low-speed vehicles, use of on highways

Masonic Order license plates, allowance of petition for a voluntary donation amount

Mini-trucks, use on non-interstate highways

Mopeds, titling and registration of

Motor fuels tax, adjust average wholesale price

Motor vehicle registration, voluntary contribution permitted upon registration of a farm truck

Nonmotorized transportation, promote with second Sunday

Nonmotorized transportation, promotion of

Nonprofit organizations for transport of elderly and blind, exempt from motor carrier regulations

Personal communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor veh. under the age of 18

Personal communication device, prohibit use by an operator of a motor vehicle under the age of 18

Personal communication device, prohibition of use while operating a motor vehicle

Pike County, Jasper Justice Memorial Bridge, designation of

Prostate cancer awareness special license plate, establish

Public Transportation Authority, creation of , for highway construction

Public transportation, offenses against user or operator of

Pulaski County Veterans Memorial Highway, establishment of in Pulaski county

Railroad grade crossings; inspection of

Railroad maintenance, creation of fund for

Real ID Act, direct Transportation Cabinet not to comply with the provisions of

Reformulated gasoline, remove requirement for

Reorganization, Executive order 2008-505

Reorganization, Executive Order 2008-505

Replaces the term handicap with the term disabled

Ride to Work Day, June 15, 2009, declaring

Ride to Work Day, recognizing June 15, 2009 as

Road fund taxes, liability of officers for

Road plan, current biennium, enactment of

Road Plan, current biennium, enactment of

Road Plan, last four years, enactment of

Roadside Memorial Task force, establishment of

Salvage vehicle damage threshold, exclude cost of airbags from calculation of

Special license plate, create for recipients of the Bronze Star Medal awarded for valor

Special license plate, create for recipients of the Silver Star Medal

Special license plate, Silver and Bronze Star recipients

Special license plates, allow sponsoring entities to set a requested donation amount

Special license plates, recipients of the Silver Star Medal and Bronze Star Medal awarded for valor

Specialist Jeremy R. Gullett Memorial Bridge, name in Greenup County

Specialist Robert Jason Settle Memorial Highway, designate in Daviess County

Staff Sergeant Nicholas R. Carnes Memorial Highway, designate in the city of Dayton

State contracts, contractors' employees in, employment eligibility, verification of

State contracts, verification of

State traffic school, increase fee to $50

Taxi and limousine certificates, clarify definitions and operating authority

Taxicabs and limousines, clarification of operating authority of

Teenage driver, intermediate license, Cassie Burch Safe Teenage Driver Law

The Purple Heart Trail, designate segments, I-265, US 31 W, US 41A and certain parkways

Timothy Hall Memorial Bridge, designate in Floyd County

Titling of ATV's procedures for, establishment of

Transportation Cabinet

Transportation Cabinet, budget

Transportation Cabinet, reorganization of

Transportation Cabinet, require separate budget bill for

Transportation Infrastructure Authority, require local agreement for financing plan

Turnpike authority of Kentucky, creation of bi-state authority through

Turnpike Authority, responsibility for highway mega-projects

Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail, extend throughout all of I-75

Unified Carrier Registration Act, violation of, penalty increase

US 60, in Carter County in honor of fallen firefighter and police officers designate sections of

Van-only handicapped parking, establish requirements for

Vehicles in the Commonwealth for more than 180 days, registration requirement

Voluntary contribution, permitted for applicants of the Go Green special license plate

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