Senate Bill 15

Last Action to Appropriations & Revenue (S)
Title AN ACT relating to public infrastructure authorities.
Bill Documents Bill
Impact Statements Local Mandate
Bill Request Number 12
Sponsors D. Ridley, J. Rhoads, D. Boswell
Summary of Original Version Establish KRS Chapter 175B and create new sections thereof to provide definitions; establish the Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority; specify membership, meeting requirements, staffing, and operations; state the purpose and powers of the authority; direct the authority to evaluate potential projects; require that projects be proposed by a local government and approved by the department; permit tolling, establish requirements for level of tolling, and direct how proceeds of tolls and other revenues shall be used; permit the authority to contract with the department for construction and operations; specify that the authority shall maintain control of projects and revenues from projects; authorize projects constructed by the authority to include interchanges with existing roadways; permit the authority to issue administrative regulations; permit public utilities to utilize rights-of-way under specific circumstances; permit agreements for use of real estate assets of the authority by the Commonwealth; authorize issuance of bonds; provide that bonds are not a debt of the Commonwealth; permit incidental use of rights-of-way for specified purposes; authorize trust relationships; authorize state agencies and localities to invest in bonds; exempt bonds from state taxation; allow the authority to contract for provision of maintenance services; direct that projects shall revert to ownership by the Commonwealth when all bonds are retired; require issuance of an annual report, require an annual audit; prohibit officers and employees from directly investing in authority bonds; indemnify board members and employees from personal liability; authorize previous planning and other work to become a part of the function of the authority; amend KRS 176.420 to require the activity of the authority to be evaluated as a part of the six-year road plan.
Index Headings of Original Version Cities - Public infrastructure and highway construction
Counties - Public infrastructure and highway construction
Highways, Streets, and Bridges - Public Transportation Authority, creation of, for highway construction
Transportation - Public Transportation Authority, creation of , for highway construction
Local Government - Public infrastructure and highway construction
Local Mandate - Public Transportation Authority, creation of, for highway construction


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