Education, Elementary and Secondary

ACT scores, placement use, prohibition of

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring prohibition

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring, prohibition of

Alternative education

Alternative education programs, classification and data collection

Alternative education, study of

Art and cultural heritage, preservation of

Attendance, school

Average daily attendance, calculation of

Bible literacy, curriculum for

Board of education, depository requirements

Career and technical education

Career and technical education, career academic and career pathways, creation of

Career and technical education, career academics and career pathways, creation of

Career and technical education vacation, evidence-based models, use of

Career guidance coaches, employment of

Charter schools, application and approval

Charter schools, application and approval of

Charter schools contracts, right to appeal decisions

Charter schools, early graduation, and summer learning camps, creation of

Charter schools, limitations and requirements of

Charter schools, requirements for

Children 10 and under, time on school bus, limitation of

Children experiencing chronic health episode, adult escort to treatment, requirement for

Child's misdemeanor sex offense records provision to school, when

Classified employees, suicide prevention training for

Classified position, employment of person in

Classified staff, qualifications of

Commonwealth Mentor Initiative, establishment of

Compulsory attendance age, increases in

Compulsory attendance age limit, raising

Compulsory attendance age limit, raising of

Compulsory school age, increase to age eighteen

Compulsory school age, raising from 16 to 18

Curriculum, Bible literacy, elective course

Department of Education, reorganization, Executive Order 2009-536

Digital citizenship definitions include in discipline code and professional development

District owned vehicles, prohibiting use of

Dowdy, Keri, recognize and honor

Dropout prevention, Kentucky Department of Education, technical assistance by

Dropout prevention, school improvement, evaluation procedures for

Dual enrollment course credit, transfer and acceptance of

Early graduation program of study, creation of

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Cassandra A. Webb

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Cathy Gunn

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Lorraine G. Williams

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Michael Mark Wasicsko

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Rebecca S. Sagan

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Webb, Cassandra A.

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Zenaida M. Smith

Education Professional Standards Board, increase membership of

Educational records, child committed to the custody of the state, provide for

Efficient school design, definition of

Efficient school design, encourage

Efficient school design, encouragement of

Efficient school design report, Department of Education to prepare

Elementary and secondary school construction, proceeds to be used for

Employees, superintendent's spouse

Equalization funds, sunset provision deleted

Evaluation of school buildings, standardized criteria for

Evaluation, teachers and education leaders

Executive branch budget, amendments to

Expanded learning time grant program, establishment of

Facilities, revenue bonds

Foster children, dual credit and dual enrollment courses, tuition waiver

Franklin County schools, start time pilot program

Graduation Scholarship Certificate, high school courses, requirements for

Graduation Scholarship Fund, SEEK, transfer, procedure for

Green Schools Caucus, creation of endorsed

Head teacher, delete reference to

High school coaches, hiring of nonteaching or noncertified

High school coaches, post-hire requirements of

Human sexuality education, content standards

Instructional days, makeup of

Instructional days, waiver of

Instructional hours, use of excess toward makeup of days missed

Instructional year, requirements for

Jarboe, Kris, honor and recognize

KEES eligibility, high school reporting for

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, David K. Karem

Kentucky Board of Education, rescind sanctions imposed

Kentucky Center for African-American Heritage, educational programs

Kentucky educator award and recognition fund, creation of

Kentucky Literacy Day

Kentucky Literacy Day, designation of

Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame, inductees, recognition of

Learning, expanded time for

Local board of education, professional development policies, establishment of

Local board of education, taxpayer payment of court costs and attorneys fees

Local school board members, election of

Local school boards, service on

Lottery, educational programs, advertising and promotion of

Massey, Ed; National School Boards Association, support election to

Medical insurance for Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, shared costs

Medical insurance, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, shared costs

National board-certified teachers, salary supplements for

National School Boards association, support Ed Massey for election to

Nonprofit finance corporation, leased land for schools

Oral health care to a child's ability to learn, recognize importance of

Pediatric abusive head trauma, prevention and recognition of

Persistently low-achieving school, definition of

Persistently low-achieving schools, definitions of

Persistently low-achieving schools, intervention

Persistently low-achieving schools, intervention options in

Personnel vacancies, school, superintendent to provide additional candidates

Physical activity for children, requirement of

Physical activity, grades K-5, minimum time requirement for

Preschool, disabled children, funding formula

Preschool education, Strong Start Kentucky program grants

Preschool grants

Prevailing wage exemption, providing for

Principal selection

Principal vacancy, selection by superintendent

Principals, selection of

Private schools, personnel, background checks

Professional development, Morehead State University, offered by

Professional development, teachers and educator leaders

Public employees, omnibus collective bargaining bill for

Public school academies, application and approval of

Public school academies, limitations and requirements for

Reading, adolescent, provisions for

Reducing caseloads for speech language pathologists, study for

Response of intervention, establishment of

Response to intervention, district-wide implementation of

Salary supplement for speech-language pathologists and audiologists in schools, establishment of

School attendance, athletic events

School board, maps of school district, provision for

School board member vacancy, selection process

School board members, qualifications, criminal background check

School boards, procurement procedures of, reverse auction in, use of

School boards, procurement procedures of, reverse auctions in, use of

School buildings, efficient design, definition of

School buildings, efficient design of

School calendar, local boards of education, responsibilities for

School employee bonus plan, create and provide funding for

School facilities construction, authorize debt for category 5 schools

School facilities, equalization funding

School facilities, standardized evaluation of quality and condition, requirement for

School facility, change in classification

School nurse, pilot program, establishment of

School nurse pilot program, establishment of

School personnel, selection of

School sponsored sports events, student attendance

School sponsored sports events, student participation

Schools boards, procurement procedures, reverse auctions, use of

Scientific theories, critical analysis, teaching of

Secondary school construction , resident bidder, preference for

Secondary school construction, resident bidder, preference for

Secondary school-sponsored media policies, criteria for

Security offices, police officers, Bill of Rights, application

SEEK funds calculation, average daily attendance in

Speech-language pathologist or audiologist, supplemental pay, qualifications for

State/Executive Branch Budget, amendments to

Student attendance

Student attendance, school-sponsored sports event

Student physical fitness, annual testing of

Student religious expression, support of

Students with disabilities, initiatives to reduce dropouts of, annual report of

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Suicide prevention awareness information to middle and high school students

Suicide prevention, educator training on

Suicide prevention training, certified staff to participate in

Suicide prevention training, participation in

Summer learning camps, establishment and purposes of

Summer learning camps, establishment of, purposes of

Superintendent, evaluation of

Superintendent of schools, evaluation of

Support education excellence in Kentucky, additional funds, distribution of

Teach for America participants, alternative teacher certification option for, establishment of

Teach for America program, teacher certification through participation in

Teach for American participants, alternative teacher certification option

Teacher selection training module, development of

Teacher selection training module, principals to complete

Teachers and employees, sick leave, transfer of

Teachers, career ladder, monetary rewards

Teachers, leaves of absence

Teachers of mathematics, chemistry and physics, salary supplements for

Teachers, private schools, background checks for

Teachers, retirement system, funding plan for retired teacher health benefits

Teachers, retirement system, omnibus bill

Technology, middle school students

Title I eligible students, summer learning camps, encouragement of

Tuition for masters program, tax deduction for

Uniform or other wearing apparel, safety equipment or protective accessories, purchase of

Voter registration and voting, instruction on

Waiver of instructional days, request for

Warren County Public Schools Energy Program, Recognition

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