Effective Dates, Emergency

900 KAR 6:075, void, unenforceable, rendering of

ACT scores, placement use, prohibition of

Administrative regulation 900 KAR 6:075, declare the regulation null, void, unenforceable

Alcoholic beverage wholesale tax, reduce rates

Best in Class, Best in Care, and Best in Law loans, forgiveness

BR 0031, July 1, 2010

BR 0187, Sales tax holiday

BR 1000

BR 1243

BR 1438, salvia possession, trafficking, and cultivation, prohibition of

BR 166, summer learning camps

BR 1944

BR 37

BR 434, career and technical education, fund programs, creation of

BR 448, new home tax credit

Br 858, parole credit revocation

BR 996

BR 997

BR 998

BR 999

Child custody, spousal maintenance

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation for

Department of Corrections, KCTCS employees teaching inmates, transfer of

Energy efficiency products, income tax credit, create

Energy Star home, income tax credit, create

Energy Star manufactured home, income tax credit, create

Environmental stewardship tax credits, extend agreement term

Firefighter and police salary supplements, increase

HB 164



HB 283/SCS

HB 292/HCS

HB 292/SCS

HB 292/SCS 2

HB 298

HB 301/GA

HB 302

HB 368/GA

HB 487/SCS

HB 531


Instructional days, waiver of

July 1, 2010

Legislative branch budget, reduction of

Local school districts, expanded learning time exploratory grants for

Medicaid, cost containment, task force, upon passage

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

National Guard members, benefits when injured while on state active duty

Number of state and contract employees, require reporting of

Parole, credit for time during, loss of

Persistently low-achieving schools, intervention options in

Personnel Board, election procedures

Personnel Board elections, procedures for, changes to

Personnel Cabinet, secretary to report number of state employees, requirement

Poverty Task Force, reauthorization of

Salvia possession, trafficking, and cultivation, prohibition of

SB 107/GA

SB 146

SB 200

SB 31

SB 51

SB 94

SB 94/ HCS

Synthetic cannabinoids and piperazines, possession, trafficking, and manufacture, prohibition of

Tax increment financing agreements, moratorium

War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission, create

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