Fiscal Note

Abortion, informed consent and ultrasound requirements

Adult abuse registry, establish

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment, pregnant and post-partum women

Allow the sale of unmined minerals certificates of delinquency

Applied behavior analysis, licensure of practitioners

Assisted-living communities, regulation of

Auditory screening report, definition of

Autism coverage, definition of "medically necessary," deletion of

Autism spectrum disorder, insurance coverage

Benefits increase, line of duty deaths

Bluegrass Station, appropriation for

Breast feeding, penalty for violation of law that permits practice in public, establish

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, provide suicide prevention awareness information.

Carbon monoxide alarms, install in dwellings

Career and Technical Education Accessibility Fund, career guidance fund

Child committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for

Chiropractic treatment, prohibit combining procedures for reimbursement

Chiropractors, insurance reimbursement

Cigarette tax, wholesaler to wholesaler sales, unstamped product, allow

Colon cancer screening, establish fees for

Colon cancer screening program, establish fund for

Colon Cancer Screening Program, provide funding for

Community rehabilitation tax credit

Compensation, claimants and eligible expenses, modification of

Compulsive gamblers awareness and treatment fund, creation of

Controlled substances, personal access to database records

Corrections, use of privatized inmate food service in prison

Dead human bodies, initial removal, requirements for

Department of Revenue, regulations, inclusion of examples

Dropout prevention funds, encourage increase in

Dropout prevention funds, priority uses for

Economic development incentives and tax credits, technical corrections

Economic Development, KREDA program, allow limited extension of agreements

Electronic filing and payment

ENERGY STAR tax credit, modify

Examination services for victims of sexual offenses, modification of

Federal estate tax, decouple from

Finance and Administration Cabinet, locate within

Fish and wildlife, servicepersons, exemptions for

Foster children, dual credit and dual enrollment courses, tuition waiver

Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements

Funding KLEPF salary supplements for

Gold Star Mothers or Gold Star Spouses special license plates, additional plates, purchase of

Government Economic Assistance Fund, balances in investment of

Greenhouse gas emissions, stationary sources, regulation postponement

Health and Family Services, assisted-living communities, regulation of

Impose a development fee against advanced deposit account wagering

Impose development fees on certain wagers on horse racing

Incentives for Energy Independence Act, amend to provide incentives for natural gas

Internal Revenue Code, update reference date

Justice Cabinet, required participation in hazardous duty retirement for juvenile justice workers

Kentucky Children's Health Insurance Program, premiums, requirements for

Kentucky Hemophilia and Blood Disorder Program, establishment of

Kentucky Hemophilia Program, establishment of

Kentucky land stewardship and conservation fund, establishment of

Kentucky Military Heritage Commission, tourism opportunities

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, funding plan for retired teacher health benefits

Lead in blood levels, prompt reporting of

Lead in blood levels, require prompt reporting of

Local school board members, election of

Long-term care facilities, nurse staffing requirements, establishment of

Long-term care facilities, posting requirement of star quality rating, establish

Medicaid, managed care partnership, extension of

Medical insurance, Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System retirees, funds for

Methamphetamine violations, prohibit purchasing precursor drugs

Motor fuels taxes, officer liability for

Motor vehicle use tax, exemption for church-owned, disability-equipped automobile

Natural resources severance tax credit, definitions

New home tax credit, modify

New home tax credit, modify

New Markets Development Program, establish tax credits

Opioid antidote naloxone, availability, expansion of

Opioid antidote naloxone, expand availability of

Other tobacco products, expand base, lower excise tax rate

Pari-mutuel wagering, excise tax on secondary pari-mutuel organization, establishment of

Patient visitation rights, provide for

Pharmacy technicians, charitable organizations, waive application fee for

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority for

Police officers, funding, KLEPF fund salary supplement

Police officers, Kentucky National Guard members, KLEPF salary supplements for

Postsecondary institutions, cash-funded capital projects, interim process

Practitioner of healing arts, exemption for

Private psychiatric hospitals, Medicaid, disproportionate share payments, provisions for

Property tax homestead exemption

Pseudoephedrine, possession or sale of

Psychiatric residential treatment facilities, Level I, Level II, establishment of

Psychologists, licensing of

Public assistance, substance abuse screening

Quality assurance program, require pharmacies to create

Railroad employees, standards for the safe transportation of

Railroad grade crossings, inspection of

Sales and use, imposition of on recreational vehicles

School nurse, pilot program, establishment of

School nurse pilot program, establishment of

Schools, attendance requirements

Service establishments, caloric information, requirement

Sick leave, transfer of

Smalll business jobs creation tax credit, rename program

Smoking cessation treatment, pregnant women, Medicaid coverage of

Special license plate fee, WWII vetrerans, remove exemptions for

Specialty residential treatment center, establishment and licensing of

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists in schools, salary supplement for

State death benefits, emergency responder in ambulance, eligibility for

State equipment, increase minimum dollar value for inventory requirement

Stockyards, disinfecting requirements

Substance abuse treatment, residential, permission to contract for

Supports for Community Living, rate increase for, providers of

Teachers, tax deduction for tuition to masters program

Technical corrections

Unemployment benefits, eligibility of military spouses

Vital statistics, delayed birth certificate, establishment of

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