6th class, financial statement publication requirements

Action against cities, KRS 411.110 repealed

Aliens, unauthorized, prohibit hiring of

Amelioration costs for code violations, lien for

Animal care advisory board, animal shelters, standards for

Animal impoundment, animal custody with municipal authority, authorization for

Annexation map and description, filing requirement, amendment

Assistance animal, licensing authority, approval of

CERS, allow certain agencies to opt out of participation in the state health plan

Charter county and unified local government, participation in nuisance enforcement act, allowance of

Charter county governments, procedures for creation

Charter county, labor contracts

Cities, inclusion of all classes within purview of Local Nuisance Code Enforcement Act

City of Guthrie, fifth to fourth class

City of Guthrie, fifth to fourth class, Reclassification of

City of Junction City, fifth to fourth class, Reclassification of

City of Wurtland, sixth to fifth class, reclassification

Classification, City of Pikeville, third to fourth class

CSX Corporation railroad tracks, urge permission for Big Sandy Train Excursion

Delinquent tax notices or sale of tax claims notices, publication of

Electronic media, dissemination of public information, constitutional amendment to require

Firefighters totally disabled in the line of duty, CPI adjustment to insurance payments

Greensburg, city of, 5th to 4th class

Greensburg, from 5th to 4th, reclassification of

Human remains and artifacts, protections for, restrictions on building permits

Insurance premium tax, exclusions from applicability to

Landowner incentive programs for recreational use of land, authorize

Law enforcement, reporting requirement, established

Local Government Code Enforcement Act, hearing officers and process

Local Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, appeals

Local Government Nuisance Code Enforcement Act, definitions

Local legislative body approval for taxing district tax rates and non-taxing district charges

Midway, Reclassify

Municipal electric utility service, pro coal attestation, requirement for

Nuisances, abatement costs

Nuisances, lien priority

Occupation license fee, technical amendment

Olive Hill, sesquicentennial, honoring

Organizing official, wastewater commissions, election of

Parking citation enforcement, 2nd notice of violation

Parking code enforcement, use of first class mail for second violation notice

Portal for business, access to

Prescription drug drop off program, voluntary city participation in

Property tax, revise tax calculation provisions

Public utility franchises, limitations on

Reclassification, Cities of Wurtland and Sadieville, sixth to fifth, City of Midway fifth to fourth

Regional wastewater commission, wholesale rates, local legislative bodies, approval of

Regional wastewater commissions, city membership, requirements for

Residential property, registration with local government by creditor when vacant

Sadieville, Reclassify

Sewer charges, delinquency of, suspension of water service for..

Theft by deception, insufficient funds check for taxes or fees

Training program for city officers

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