Police, City and County

9/11 First Responders Day

Accidents, motor vehicle, reporting of

Age limitation requirement, remove

Animal control officers, animal abuse, entry on premises, probable cause for

Animal impoundment, animal torture, animal care, custody and bonding for

Background check, clarification of identity of person on whom performed

Background check, fingerprinting, request for

Deaths in nursing homes, notification of coroners, investigation following certain

Disarming a peace officer, add defensive and control devices, add defenses

DNA, requirement of sample collection at arraignment

Emergency care, limitation of liability for

Funding, KLEFP fund salary supplements

Kentucky Mountain Trail Authority establishment, duties, responsibilities

Law enforcement, reporting requirement, established

Mental health evaluation, telehealth, permit use of

Mental health evaluation, use of telehealth for

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Peace Officer Professional Standards, certification after break in employment

Peace Officer Professional Standards, recertification of retirees returning to work

Prescription drug drop off program, drop off box, city and county police participation in

Protective order service training, frequency of

Theft of item with VIN, law enforcement agency, duty to report to NCIC

Unauthorized aliens, offenses relating to

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