Education, Elementary and Secondary

2012 Kentucky Teacher of the Year Kimberly Shearer, honoring

4-H Youth Development, honoring

Abused or neglected child, custody of, notice to schools

Advanced academic achievement diploma, creation of

Alternative education, assigned teachers

Alternative education, assigned teachers and classified staff

Assessment procedure violations, clarification of

Automated external defibrillators, use of

Body mass index, preventative health care examination forms, require on

Bus, school, Department of Educational consideration of natural gas as fuel

Career and technical education centers, transfer of

Central Hardin High School, 2011 State Baseball Champions, commendation

Charter school, requirements for

Charter schools, application and approval of

Charter schools, renewal or revocation of charter

Childhood education excellence development fund, creation of

Classified staff, add advisory member to school-based decision making council.

Classroom education technology and modular classrooms, allowance of upgrades

Compulsory attendance, exemptions

Compulsory school age, increase to age eighteen

Compulsory school attendance age, optional raising of

Compulsory school attendance age, raising of

Compulsory school attendance age, raising of, statewide implementation for

Compulsory school attendance age, statewide implementation provisions

Computing devices, fifth and sixth grade students, study of

Contraceptives, parental approval for dispensing

Coordinated School Health Committee, establishment of

Curriculum, cursive writing

Department of Education, reorganization

Digital citizenship, inclusion in discipline code and professional development

Discipline code, definitions

Discipline guidelines, definitions included

Districts of innovation, authorization of

Due process appeal procedures, termination of teachers

duPont Manual Lady Crimsons, honoring

Early childhood assessment and intervention, district-wide implementation of

Early graduation program of study, creation of

Early graduation program, program requirements for

Early graduation program, reporting of participants

Education Professional Standard Board, confirmation, Allen E. Kennedy

Education Professional Standard Board, confirmation, Bradley A. Bielski

Education Professional Standard Board, confirmation, Ellen E. Blevins

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Barbara Ann Boyd

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Brandy L. Beardsley

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Laranna L. May

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Marie Renee McMillen

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation of Marie Renee McMillen,

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Ronald Anthony Strong

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Thomas J. Stull

Emergency anaphylaxis medications, requirement for

Employees, professional development

Evaluation, certified personnel

Exceptional children, home instruction visits, increase minimum requirement for

Foster children, tuition waived

Funding adjustments, local districts

Governor's Scholars Program, Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, transfer to

Green cleaning products in schools, promotion of

Green Schools Authority, established

Green Schools Authority, insurance required for financing from

Hazard High School, 2011 Class A Football Champions, honoring

High school technology diploma, requirements for

Interscholastic athletics, middle school, study of

Jackson, Brent, Knox County, signs in honor of

Jackson, Jenni Lou, Knox County, signs in honor of

Juvenile status offense actions, requirements for

KEES scholarships base amount, raise minimum GPA to 3.0

KEES scholarships supplemental amount, raise minimum ACT test score to 18

Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education, recognition of

Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts, 25th anniversary, recognizing

Kentucky Educational Television, requirement to offer

Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

Local board of education, requirement of meeting rules for

Local school boards, contracts, local bidders preference, notification, registration system

Locally operated secondary vocational center, transfer to state

Louisville Central HS, 2011 Class 3A State Football Champs, recognizing

Mandates on public schools, financial support for

Middle school interscholastic athletics, study of

Music In Our Schools Month, proclaiming

Office of Career and Technical Education, Kentucky Tech Instructors, layoff of

Outdoor play at schools, childhood development, expanded opportunities for

Out-of-district enrollment of preschool children, parental option for

Out-of-district enrollment, parental option for

Out-of-district pupils, interscholactic athletics, participation in

Out-of-district pupils, tuition fees, prohibition of

Persistently low-achieving schools, capping number of

Persistently low-achieving schools definition, clarification of

Persistently low-achieving schools, intervention options, clarification of

Physical activity in curriculum, agencies to recommend

Physical activity of children, assessment of and data use

Physical activity of children, increasing

Position vacancies, notification of, time requirement

Pre-kindergarten education, Early Childhood Advisory Council, study by

Preschool, children with disabilities, funding

Programs, career and technical education

Read Across America Day, March 2, 2012, declaring

Refugees and legal aliens over 21, SEEK funding, eligibility of

Reports required, commercial advertising on school buses

School and district audit procedures, changes to

School and district leadership audits, limiting frequency of

School attendance

School attendance areas

School buildings, inspection of

School buildings, naming of

School buses, commercial advertising on

School calendar, adjustments to

School calendar, disaster days

School calendar, inclusion of election days in

School council, increase parent membership

School districts, student transportation costs to be placed on school Web site

School employee, hiring of superintendent's spouse

School employee, superintendent's spouse, hiring of

School entrance age, appeal

School, entrance age for

School entrance age, raise

School entrance age, raising of, implementation date for

School health environment, assessment of

School physical activity program, implementation of

School property, board policies for recreational use of

School property, fees for recreational use of

School property, immunity for recreational use of

School property, immunity from liability for use of

School superintendent, employing spouse of

School superintendent, spouse of, employment of

School tuition organization, tax credit for contribution to

School vehicles, mandatory inspection of

School-based decision making councils, parent member, residency requirements for

School-based decision making councils, teacher member, requirements for

Sex education, instructional content

Sex education, student participation in, parental approval requirement

Smoking in school buildings, prohibition

South Heights Elementary School, honoring

Sports safety course, inclusion of concussion and head injury training

Staff assignment to an alternative program, prohibition as disciplinary action

State operated secondary vocational education and technology center, transfer of

State service, sufficiency of high school diploma for employment

State service, sufficiency of high school diploma for promotion whether or not school is accredited

State-operated secondary vocation center, transfer to local district

State-operated secondary vocational program, transfer to local district

Statewide evaluation program, waiver from

Students with disabilities, alternative high school diploma for

Students with Special Needs Scholarship Program, establishment of

Summer learning camps, establishment and purposes of

Superintendents, training and assessment of

Teacher and administrator evaluations, statewide plan for, development of

Teacher formative evaluations, student questionnaires, inclusion of

Teachers, hiring of, preference given to regular certification

Teachers, new continuing contract status process, establishment of

Teachers of advanced science and mathematics, monetary awards for

Training requirements for coaches

Truancy and irregular attendance, investigation

Unified Juvenile Code, review of, task force

Verification of immigration status, public contracts and public agencies

Work schedule, teachers

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