Fiscal Note

Address protection program

Address protection program, creation of

Agricultural food donations, allow income tax credit for

Anesthesiologist assistants and supervising anesthesiologists, requirements for

Angel investor tax credit program, creation of

Casino gaming, licensing of

Child committed to the custody of the Commonwealth, provisions for

child fatality and near fatality, external panel, establish

Child fatality and near fatality, external panel, establish

Child fatality and near fatality, external panel, establishment of

Claims by Medicaid managed care company, prompt payment of administrative process

Court-ordered outpatient treatment, increases length of order and other requirements for

Dental examinations for pregnant Medicaid applicants

Design/build projects, cost limit for

Discharge of indebtedness related to principal residence, exempt

DNA testing, availability of post-conviction

DNA testing, usage in post-incarceration innocence actions

Early high school graduates, reporting of

Estimated tax penalty, amendment to mimic federal calculation

Excise tax on snuff, chewing tobacco, tobacco products, imposition of

Group life insurance, certificate holder, addition of

Healthcare Freedom of Conscience Act

Human papillomavirus immunization, requirement

Human Trafficking Victims Fund, creation of

Income tax, food donation credit, sunset in 4 years

Interpharmacy medication exchange, permit if immediate need

KEES, dual credit expenditures, designation as necessary governmental expense

Life insurance, life settlement contract for Medicaid eligibility, authorize

Long-term-care facilities, background and registry checks for owners and employees

Mass transportation, publicly owned, exclusion from tolls.

Medicaid managed care, school district patients and providers, contract breach, transition of care

Medicaid waiver services recipients, direct purchase of medical supplies

Mint Police, U.S., state jurisdiction for

Misdemeanors, reclassification as prepayable violations

Naloxone, permit prescription

Organ donation, tax credit established for promotion of

Patient protections, Cabinet for Medicaid Services to monitor and enforce for MCO's, require

Prescription copayments, minimum, establish

State Investment Commission, membership and duties

Therapy, expedited partner, establish

Tobacco products, excise tax, August 1, 2013

Transportation projects, procurement methods

Vending machine sales, taxation, July 1, 2013

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