Drugs and Medicines

Adult responsible use of cannabis program, establishment of

Agricultural animals, sales and use tax, exemption of

Alcohol and drug counseling, certification

Alternative treatments, chronic pain

CBD oil, THC, drug testing, employment discrimination, prohibiting

Combustible hemp products, exemption of

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review and Enforcement Advisory Council, establishing

Controlled substance prescribing reviews, boards, administrative regulations

Controlled substances, physician assistants, prescriptive authority

Controlled substances, risks, benefits, limitations, practitioner discussion with patient

Epinephrine auto-injectors, insurance coverage for

Epinephrine auto-injectors, insurance coverage, requirement for

Health care referral practices, prohibition of

Hemp, tetrahydrocannabinol, increase threshold

Informed consent, medical examinations

Insulin assistance program, establishing

Insulin, certification of

Insulin, insulin assistance program, establishing

Insulin, price reporting requirements, establishment of

Jails, provision of medical services in

Kentucky addiction prevention, recovery, and enforcement fund, direct litigation revenues

Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research, establish

Kentucky Emergency Preparedness Task Force, establish

Long-term antibiotic therapy, Lyme disease

Lower Health Care Costs Act, urging enactment of

Marijuana, personal use quantity, decriminalization

Marijuana possession, personal use quantity, not subject to prosecution

Medicaid managed care contract, limiting

Medical marijuana, safety and efficacy research, advocating for

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Medicinal marijuana program, establishment

Opioid depression reversal drug, requiring prescription of

Outpatient pharmacy benefits, direct administration by Department for Medicaid Services

Patient notification, practitioner emergency closure

Patient-directed care, end of life

Pharmacy or pharmacist services, requirements for

Physician assistants, controlled substances, prescriptive authority limitations for

Pill counts, pain management facilities

Possession of a controlled substance, reduced penalty for residue or trace amounts

Prescription drug coverage, cost-sharing requirements for

Prescription drugs, unrestricted price increases, prohibiting

Prescription drugs, unrestricted price increases, prohibition of

Prescription insulin drugs, cost sharing, cap

Prescription insulin drugs, cost sharing, capped

Prescription medication collection and disposal by coroners, requiring

Recovery Residence Task Force, establish

Sexual-performance enhancing drugs, report use of, requirement

Sober living homes, certification

State pharmacy benefit manager, Medicaid managed care, established

Substance use disorder, employer treatment programs

Substance use disorder treatment, methods of

Task Force on Services for Persons with Brain Injuries, establish

Task force, prescription transparency and affordability, establish

Treatment of opioid or alcohol use disorder, utilization reviews, prohibition

Voluntary non-opioid directive, creation

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