Education, Elementary and Secondary

Abused or neglected child investigation, school enrollment status, not to be changed

Accountability system changes, implementation dates for

Accountability system reporting, delete minimum subgroup requirements

Accountability system, subgroups less than 30, exclusion of

Achievement gap, revise definition of

Administrative regulation review, Education Assessment and Accountability Review Subcommittee

Anonymous reporting of substance, in schools, report of

Approved turnaround vendor list, requirement for

Approved turnaround vendor, school selection of

Articulated credit, require statewide standardized agreement

Arts instruction, requiring schools to offer

Assessment and accountability program, waiver of

ASVAB, school counseling based on results and included in individualized learning plans

ASVAB, schools to offer test, grades 10 to 12

ASVAB test, inclusion in accountability system

Average daily enrollment, calculation of SEEK funds using

Bleeding control kits, local boards of education may solicit private donations for

Board of education, review school council actions by

Bullying, notification of allegations to parents, code of acceptable behavior to include

Bullying, reporting, escalation, repsonse to, appeal of decision, requirements for

Bullying, restoration of a sense of safety for victims, code of acceptable behavior to include

Bullying, supporting victims of

Bullying, written response to

Career and Technical Education Month, recognizing

Career and Technical Education Transition workgroup, membership of

CERS, retiree health reimbursements paid to system by school districts for reemployed retirees

Certificate renewals for retired teachers, requirements for

Certified evaluation plan, revisions to

Charter school authorizer training, requirements for

Child abuse and child sexual abuse instruction, requirement for

Child abuse and neglect check, content, administrative findings

Child dependency, neglect, or abuse, required reporting of

Class size, reduction of

Comprehensive sex education instruction, required for all grades

Comprehensive support and improvement school, audit requirements for

Computer science courses, increase participation in

Construction plans, educational facilities, local options for review of

Corporal physical discipline, use of, prohibiting

Corporal punishment, criminal defense, nonpublic teachers

Corporal punishment, criminal defense, nonpublic teachers with parent authorization

Department of Education, assistance to Medicaid

District facilities plan, modification of

Driver training school, interactions with law enforcement, course of instruction to include

Dual credit scholarship, add courses to

Dual credit scholarship, tuition rate ceiling, increase to

Dual credit tuition rate ceiling, amount of

Early literacy education, requirements

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Aaron Scott Collins

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Adam Dewayne Smith

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Ashley Hughes Vice

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Elizabeth J. Smith

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, John Christopher Robinson

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Melanie Shay Callahan

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Sherry Wilson Powers

Education Professional Standards Board, confirmation, Steven Robert Thomas

Educational enhancement opportunity days, allow additional

Educational programs, state sponsored, ensure exceptional child access to

Efficient school design report, remove requirement for

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, amended to include

Emergency leave days, increase number of

Emergency nontraditional instruction days, increase number of

Enrollment requirements, grade six, vision examination

Enrollment requirements, kindergarten, vision examination

Evidence-based decisions for truancy

Exceptional children and youths, access to educational opportunities

Excused absences, up to four days when consulting with military recruiters

FAFSA completion, require for high school graduation

FAFSA graduation requirement, at-home private school, exclusion for

Financial literacy course, require appropriate teacher certification for

Financial literacy, required credit for high school graduation

Foster children, educational record sharing, providing for

Full-day kindergarten, providing for

Full-time teachers, required nonteaching time

Gender-neutral language

Gender-neutral language, inserting

General Assembly, double compensation, leave of absence, service

Government-issued photo identification, presentation upon request on school property

Graduation requirements, postsecondary readiness indicator, prohibit inclusion of

Graduation requirements, statewide assessment, prohibit inclusion of

Hearing screening, requirement for school enrollment

High school sports, middle school student eligibility for

Historical instruction, African and Native American history requirements for

Home or hospital instruction, eligibility for

IB examinations, goal score, revision of

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, correct name of

Instructional hours, provisions for schools to achieve

Interlocal agreements, omnibus changes

Interscholastic athletics, designation for eligibility based on biological sex, requirements

Interscholastic extracurricular activities, participation in

KEES scholarship, base amount for military transfer students

Kentucky Board of Education, appointments to

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Alvis Johnson

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Claire Michelle Batt

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Cody Pauley Johnson

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, David K. Karem

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Holly Bloodworth

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, JoAnn Griffey Adams

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, June Patrice McCrary

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Lee Trover Todd

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Lu Settles Young

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Michael Dean Bowling

Kentucky Board of Education, confirmation, Sharon Porter Robinson

Kentucky Board of Education, eligibility requirements, changes to

Kentucky Board of Education, member appointments, decline to confirm

Kentucky Board of Education, reorganization of

Kentucky Eating Disorder Council, establishment of

Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship, convicted felon, delete ineligibility for

Kentucky efficient school design trust fund, removal of

Kindergarten, full day of instruction for

Kindergarten, full-day of instruction for

KY CCDW, license holders, remove location restrictions for

Legal notices, column inch requirement, certain boards

Local board of education, public charter school authorizer training

Local board of education, public charter school authorizer training, restriction on

Local district, college admissions examination exemption, set policy for

Local government, parks and playgrounds, accessibility requirements

Local school board members, insurance rates

Local school board, school bus risk reduction program, implementation of

Local school board, student journalism protection, adopt policies for

Low performing schools, identification of, change requirements for

Military families, children, pre-enrollment

Military families, children, temporary enrollment

Model and practice schools, operation of

Moments of silence and reflection, daily observation required

Moments of silence and reflection, delete limitations

Nontraditional instruction, add days available for

Organ procurement and tissue donation, educational programs, establishing

Parental notification, risks and harms of sexually explicit Internet content, by schools

Passing stopped school bus, recorded by camera, establishing civil penalties for

Physical activity requirements, set minimum

Pre-college admissions exam, requirement for

Preschool, all four year olds, school districts to provide for

Preschool program, task force to study

Public charter schools, interlocal agreements, prohibitions

Public charter schools, repeal

Public school buildings, renovation plans, exempt from water fountain requirements

Religious text literacy course, content

Required publication in newspaper, all counties

Required publication in newspaper, alternative Internet Web site posting

Required publication in newspaper, alternative internet website posting

Retake of college admissions exam, option for

Retired teacher certificate renewal, professional development requirements for

Scholarship tax credit, creation of

School building project bidding, minimum amount for, increasing

School building project contract, reporting of

School building project, quotes required

School bus, illegal passing of, 90 day operator's license revocation

School bus stop arm cameras, permit schools to maintain and install

School bus stop arm cameras, requirement

School Classified Employees and Teachers

School closure due to COVID-19, provisions for

School construction, allowing construction management-at-risk option

School council, board of education review of

School council, membership of

School council, transferral of authority

School district insurance plans, authorization for

School district, student mental health assessment, contract for

School improvement statuses, change requirements for

School meal program waivers, planning for

School principal, selection of

School report card, adding school profile report to

School resource officer and school counselor fund

School resource officer, armed with firearm, local board of education to decide

School resource officers, body-worn cameras, to be equipped with

School resource officers, data reporting of

School resource officers, jurisdiction in school zones

School resource officers, may be armed, shall wear body camera

School safety and support, providing for

School superintendent, selection of principal by

School turnaround team, options for

Screening committees, district with student minority population of 50% or greater, composition of

SEEK formula, state per pupil amount, adjustment to

SEEK funds, use of average daily enrollment to calculate

Speech pathologists or audiologists, requiring supplement for

Speech-language pathologists or audiologists, clarify salary supplement provisions for

SROs, permit SROs to carry firearms at discretion of local board of school council policy

State assistance and state management, process for

State tax equalization, delete commissioner approval for

State/Executive Branch Budget

State-operated vocational center, transfer of

State-operated vocational centers, require transition to local school districts

Statewide accountability system, revisions to

Statewide college admissions examination, exemption from

STEAM education, taskforce to improve diversity in

Strategic assessment and accountability committee, direct commissioner of education to convene

Student identification badges required to contain national crisis hotline numbers

Student journalists, protections for

Student media advisors, protections for

Student mental health assessment, appropriation for

Student mental health assessment, school utilization of

Student mental health screenings, requirements for

Student privacy, ensuring

Sunscreen, application of, local board policy

Teacher Preparation in Literacy and Numeracy for Primary Grades Task Force, creation of

Teachers, certificate renewal

Teachers, requirements for rank changes

Teachers' Retirement System, housekeeping bill

The Hearing & Speech Center, recognizing and honoring

Turnaround audit team or entity, requirements for

Vaping awareness, program for

Virtual high school completion program, eligibility requirements

Virtual high school completion program, graduation requirements

Virtual high school completion program, nonresident eligibility

Virtual high school completion programs, allowing

Visual and performing arts instruction, require 100 minutes of

Voter registration and curriculum, annual requirement, programs relating, include sophomores, report

Water filling stations and water fountains, requirements for

Work Ready Scholarship, delete dual credit courses from

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