Alcohol and drug counseling, certification

Alcohol and drug counselors, requirements for

Alcohol licenses, restrictions on applicants for

Alcohol Licensing application, remove residency requirement from

Alcoholic beverages, direct shipper licensee, consumer shipment limits

Alcoholic beverages, license to ship

Alcoholic beverages, licensed common carrier reporting on transportation of

Alcoholic beverages, licensed common carrier transportation of

Alteration of sex, minors, suspension for

Animal massage therapists, licensure requirements for

Athletic trainers, scope of practice of

Audiologists and speech-language pathologists, interstate compact for

Audiologists, fitting of hearing instruments by

Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers, license renewal fee

Cannabis Licensees, creation and regulation of

Casino gaming, licensing for

CCDW, license holders, expansion of permissible locations for

Certificate of need, standards, ambulance service providers

Certified public accountants, licensing requirements for

Certified public accountants, requirements for

Child-care centers, radon inspection for

Commercial quadricycle license holder, amend definition of commercial quadricycle for

Consolidated local governments, home rule powers of cities within, in regards to

Controlled substance prescribing reviews, boards, administrative regulations

Cosmetology, wax technician, licensing criteria for

COVID-19, fees and other requirements, waiver or suspension of

Deadly weapons, concealed carry without license, repeal

Direct shipper license, annual fee for

Direct shipper license, requirements for

Disabled veterans' license plate fees, waiving of

Distilleries, collaborative products sales of

Electrical contractors, exemption for disaster response businesses

Electricians, exemption for disaster response employees

Eligible veterans, discharged LGBTQ veterans, amended to include

Enhanced vapor product, definition of

Enhanced vapor product manufacturer, registration of

Enhanced vapor product, retailer or manufacturer of

Enhanced vapor product retailer, registration of

Enhanced vapor product wholesaler/supplier, registration fee for

Enhanced vapor products shipper, registration fee for

Fantasy contest operator, registration of

Fantasy contests, licensing of

Fees for motor vehicle operator's licenses and identification cards, waiver for disabled veterans

Fertilizer and pesticide, applicator, trainee, dealer, office, licensing

Fertilizer and pesticide, applicator, trainee, dealer, office, licensing of

Fiscal court, waste management facilities, licensing for

Free-standing alternative birthing centers, licensing and certificate of need

Hunting and fishing license exemptions, certain veterans and disabled persons

Kentucky Board of Creative Arts Therapies, membership composition of

Land surveyors, insurance requirement for

Licensed advanced practice registered nurses, prescriptive authority of

Licensed occupations, COVID-19 guidance for

Licensed occupations, guidelines for reopening of

Limited X-ray machine operator, criteria for

Massage therapist and optician boards, licensing fees imposed by

Medicinal cannabis program, establishment

Medicinal marijuana program, establishment

Motorboats documented with Coast Guard, registration requirements, establishment of

Online poker, deletion of

Online poker, licensing of

Ophthalmic dispensers, licensing fee for

Optometrists, civil immunity for volunteer optometry services

Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact

Radon laboratories, inspection for

Real estate appraisers and appraisal management companies, licensure and certification of

Reciprocity, emergency medical services personnel

Reopening of licensed businesses, approval of plans for

Retailer or manufacturer of enhanced vapor product, registration for

Shampoo and style services, license for

Sports wagering, licensing of

Sports wagering, locations licensed to offer

Temporary event services, permit for

"Veteran-owned business," amend definition of

Wholesale tax equivalent, licensed alcoholic beverage shipper, calculation of

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