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Last Action 01/19/21: Vetoed
Title AN ACT relating to administrative regulations and declaring an emergency.
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Bill Request Number 351
Sponsors S. West, M. Castlen, R. Alvarado, D. Carroll, C. Embry Jr., R. Girdler, P. Hornback, S. Meredith, M. Nemes, J. Schickel, B. Smith, D. Thayer, J. Turner, P. Wheeler, M. Wilson, M. Wise
Summary of Original Version Amend KRS 13A.010 to define “legislative committee”; amend KRS 13A.030 to include emergency administrative regulations without adequate justification in the list of administrative regulations that may be found deficient; amend KRS 13A.040 to conform; amend KRS 13A.190 to specify requirements for an emergency administrative regulation, provide for public comment and legislative review, specify submission requirements for documentary evidence; amend KRS 13A.220 to require specified information about an administrative regulation to be displayed on the agency Web site; amend KRS 13A.2251 and 13A.2255 to require material incorporated by reference to be displayed on the agency Web site; amend KRS 13A.250 to conform; amend KRS 13A.270 to include public hearings and written comment periods for emergency administrative regulations; amend KRS 13A.280 to include amending an emergency regulation at a legislative committee meeting; amend KRS 13A.290 to conform; amend KRS 13A.300 to conform and to allow a legislative committee to find an emergency regulation deficient if no representation from the administrative body appears; amend KRS 13A.310 to conform and to allow an emergency regulation to be withdrawn under certain conditions; amend KRS 13A.312 to stipulate that transfers of authority or name changes of administrative bodies by executive order during an interim period shall be returned to their previous forms if not codified or confirmed during the next regular session of the General Assembly; amend KRS 13A.315 and 13A.320 to conform; amend KRS 13A.330 to conform and to describe the process to be followed after an emergency administrative regulation is found deficient; amend KRS 13A.331, 13A.335, 13A.336, and 13A.338 to conform; amend KRS 214.020 to require administrative regulations promulgated under the section to be in effect no longer than 30 days if imposing restrictions on gatherings or imposing mandatory quarantine or isolation requirements, include penalty, appeal and due process information, and contain public hearing and written comment periods; amend KRS 214.990 to include violations of KRS Chapter 13A. EMERGENCY.
Index Headings of Original Version Effective Dates, Emergency - Emergency administrative regulations, review
Crimes and Punishments - Administrative regulations to prevent spread of disease, willful violation of
General Assembly - Emergency administrative regulations, review
State Agencies - Emergency administrative regulations, promulgation of
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Emergency administrative regulations, findings of deficiency
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Emergency administrative regulations, procedures
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Information required
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  • to Committee on Committees (S)
  • to State & Local Government (S)
  • taken from State & Local Government (S)
  • 1st reading
  • returned to State & Local Government (S)
  • reported favorably, 2nd reading, to Rules with Committee Substitute (1) and committee amendment (1-title)
  • posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, January 7, 2021
  • 3rd reading, passed 31-6 with Committee Substitute (1) and committee amendment (1-title)
  • received in House
  • to Committee on Committees (H)
  • taken from Committee on Committees (H)
  • 1st reading
  • to State Government (H)
  • posted in committee
  • reported favorably, 2nd reading, to Rules
  • posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for January 9, 2021
  • floor amendment (1) filed
  • 3rd reading, passed 74-21 with floor amendment (1)
  • received in Senate
  • posted for passage for concurrence in House floor amendment (1)
  • Senate concurred in House floor amendment (1)
  • passed 29-4
  • enrolled, signed by President of the Senate
  • enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House
  • delivered to Governor
  • Vetoed

Proposed Amendments

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Amendment Senate Committee Substitute 1
Summary Retain original provisions; EMERGENCY.
Index Headings Effective Dates, Emergency - SB 2

Amendment Senate Committee Amendment 1
Sponsor M. Nemes
Summary Make title amendment.
Index Headings Title Amendments - SB 2

Amendment House Floor Amendment 1
Sponsor B. Rowland
Summary Amend KRS 13A.030 to include in causes of deficiency a failure to provide notice as required in subsection (3) of Section 9 of the Act; amend KRS 214.020 to extend the 30-day limit on administrative regulations limiting in-person meetings to local government meetings.
Index Headings Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Health and Family Services, infectious or contagious disease restrictions
Administrative Regulations and Proceedings - Executive branch agencies, notification of administrative regulation
Health and Medical Services - Infectious or contagious diseases, administrative regulation concerning
Local Government - In-person meeting or function, limitation

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