County Clerks

Absentee voting, change to basis, add convenience of the voter

Absentee voting, qualification, convenience of the voter

Advancement, liability for repayment of funds

Affidavit of conversion to real estate, proof of lien satisfaction

Affidavit of conversion to real property, hold harmless for acceptance

Alternative minimum time of notice, warrants for forcible entry or detainer, notice

Annual audits, certified public accountant, selection

Application for first title and registration, county of purchaser's residence

Automatic voter registration, required information from circuit clerks and certain state agencies

Ballot access, proposed constitutional amendment, gaming

Ballots, straight ticket voting option, removal

Board of elections, requirements prescribed

Campaign finance, candidate filings, requirements

Candidate filings, district change

Candidate filings, posting and public notice requirements

Candidates for office, filing date extension

Candidates for office, filing fees, refund or waiver

Candidates for office, partisan requirement for office sought

Certification of election results, procedures related

Circuit clerk, nonpartisan elected official

Commonwealth's attorney, nonpartisan elected official

Consolidating precincts, petition requirements

Consolidation of precincts, vote center, requiring

Constable election or appointment, notification

Constable reports, fees

Constitutional amendment, bail, submission to voters for ratification or rejection

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights, ballot access

Constitutional amendment, felon restoration of voting rights, inclusion ballot

Constitutional amendment, homestead exemption for owners 65 or older, ballot language

Constitutional amendment, local taxes, submit to voters for ratification or rejection

Constitutional amendment, medical rights, ballot language

Coroner, nonpartisan elected official

Counties with a population of less than 70,000, advancement to defray expenses

County attorney, nonpartisan elected official

Department for Libraries and Archives, local records grant program, grants to county clerks

Department of Revenue, motor vehicle property tax, Web site posting requirement

Disclosure requirements and related penalties removed

Document storage fee, collection and distribution to county clerk

Duties, gender-neutral language

Election administration, prohibitions and disclosures

Election audits, requirements

Election officer, definition

Elections, county judge/executive, vacancy, procedure to fill

Electric and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicle road usage fee

Electronic master list of registered voters, time of delivery to county clerks

Electronic title application and registration system, manufactured home retailers, approved entities

Electronic titling and registration system, establishment

Electronic titling and registration system, filing procedures

Eligibility to vote, proof of identification

Emergency ambulance service, district boundaries and property taxation records

E-poll book implementation and related requirements

E-poll book selection requirements

Heir property research fund, fee increase

Hunting and fishing licenses, county clerks, sales not required

In-person absentee voting, extension of time

In-person absentee voting, extension of time, 12 working days and two Saturdays preceding

Jailer, nonpartisan elected official

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation

Kentucky vehicle registration database, communication disorder designation, notice requirement

Kentucky vehicle registration database, deaf or hard of hearing designation, notice requirement

Liens, owner of property, filing of lease prohibition

Motor vehicle license plates, personalized, recreational vehicles

Motor vehicle property tax collection commission, increase

Motor vehicle registration, organ donor registry, option to join

Motor vehicle registration, voluntary donation, organ donation program

Motor vehicle state property tax, commission, elimination

Motor vehicle titling, application procedures

Motor vehicle valuation, property tax exemption, refunds

Motor vehicles, personal use, property tax exemption

Motor vehicles, temporary tags, expiration, extension

Multilingual voter ballots, voter materials and hotline established, requirements prescribed

Notice of administrative dissolution of cities

Off-highway vehicles, registration

Office, nonpartisan elected official

Omnibus election bill

Planned communities, filing of declaration

Precinct boundaries, congressional districts, statewide plan

Precinct boundaries, state representative districts, statewide plan

Precinct boundaries, state senatorial districts, statewide plan

Precinct boundaries, state Senatorial districts, statewide plan

Primary date, extension

Procurement, exemptions

Prohibited acts relating to election administration

Prohibited acts relating to election administration, disclosure requirements, penalties prescribed

Prohibited acts relating to election administration, ten dollar threshold amount included

Property tax exemption, motor vehicles, refunds granted

Property tax, motor vehicle valuation standards, refund information, posting requirement

Property tax, quarterly installment payment program

Property taxes, installment payment program

Proposed constitutional amendment, right to a healthy environment, preservation

Protection, religious and moral convictions, official duties

Ranked-choice voting, certain candidates for elected office

Receipt of voter registration lists

Recorded instruments, electronic filing and searching

Recorded instruments, redaction of personal information

Redistricting, reapportionment, reports received

Registered independents, participation in a primary

Risk-limiting audit, definition

Same-day voter registration on election day, report of registrations to State Board of Elections

Schools and school districts, polling location for an election

Sheriff, nonpartisan elected official

Slate of candidates, filling of vacancy, establish procedure

Special military unit license plates, fees

Systems, instruction cards, education programs, and ballot processing, requirements

Title lien statements and terminations, filing procedures

Video surveillance systems, used to monitor voting equipment and ballot boxes, requirements

Voter qualifications, party affiliation, voter registration deadline, extension of

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