Effective Dates, Emergency

Administrative Regulation Review Subcommittee, procedures

Alternative teacher certification, renewal provisions

Appropriation, public salaries, pensions, and loan forgiveness

Appropriation, salary increments

Bowling Green Veterans Center, appropriation for construction

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, emergency medical services, Medicaid

Child support, parenting credit

City annexation moratorium

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

Classified personnel, education requirements for employment

Constables, powers, duties, privileges, fees

COVID-19 precautions, opt-out, medical device, vaccine, and testing requirements

Department for Medicaid Services, reporting requirement

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Cumberland Forest, conservation easement acquisitions

Department of Juvenile Justice, performance review audit

Department of Juvenile Justice, reform

Department of Juvenile Justice, reform, performance audit

Department of Public Advocacy, recruitment and retention fund, authorization

Disaster relief assistance

Driving under the influence, minimum time held after arrest

Driving under the influence, penalty enhancement


Emergency medical services providers, the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency use drugs, information

Energy savings contracts, decommissioning buildings, public schools

Enforcement prohibition, federal firearm laws, state and local government

Essential personal care visitor, visitation requirements

Federal firearm ban, state and local government, enforcement prohibition

Firearms, comprehensive regulation

Fiscal matters, income tax credit, distilled spirits ad valorem tax, pass-through entity taxation

Gambling, technical corrections

General Assembly, Government Contract Review Committee

Grey machines, regulation

Hospital rate improvement programs, outpatient services

Immunization requirements, exemptions, action for damages

Income and sales and use taxes

Innovative Teacher Education Grant Program, affordable teacher preparation

Jail construction, moratorium

Judicial Branch Budget, deferred funding for local projects

July 1, 2023

Kentucky Authority for Educational Television, membership

Kentucky Board of Education, Commissioner of Education, appointment subject to Senate confirmation

Kentucky contribution trust fund

Kentucky Department of Education, property transaction regulation and guidance, review

Kentucky healthcare workforce investment fund, establishing

Kentucky Public Pensions Authority, required break in employment during COVID pandemic

Labor Cabinet, employer-employee relationship, nullification of 803 KAR 1:006

Law enforcement, federal officers, removal of authority

Local governments, certificate of need, exemption

Ongoing litigation, General Assembly intervention

Parental rights, protection

Parental rights, public schools

Peace officer certification, continuous service, exception

Personalized license plates, partial fee refund

Postsecondary readiness indicator, requirements, prohibition

Professional development, facilities and property, optional

Professional employer organization, registration date

Public employees, labor organizations, authorization required to withhold dues or fees from earnings

Public employees, labor organizations, prohibitions

Public Service Commission, retirement of electric generating units, authorization

Reimbusement for services, continuation requirement

Relief funds, report and analysis, establishment

Rights, public schools

Road improvements adjoining schools, reimbursement

Rural jobs development fund

Sales and use tax, tax incentive increase, Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority

School district properties transaction, temporary waiver

School materials, harmful to minors, complaint process

Sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for minors, prohibition

Small farm wineries, storage license

State agencies, various, appropriations

State government agencies, appropriations and provisions

State self-insured retention fire and tornado fund, ceiling amount increase

Student privacy, ensuring

Supplemental appropriations, education

Supplemental appropriations, various state agencies

Task Force on Local Government Annexation

Teachers' retirement, service credit, makeup days

Teachers' Retirement System, repeal provisions of 2021 RS HB 258 relating to new teacher benefits

Teachers' Retirement System, sick leave liability

Tik Tok app, public agency, prohibition on use

Tik Tok app, state officers and employees, prohibition on use

TikTok app, state officers and employees, prohibition on use

Tourism commissions, consolidated local governments, board composition

Treatment, discrimination, for acts of conscience

Urban-county government, police and fire retirement fund

Urgent-Need and Continuing Access to Insulin Programs, establishment

Vehicle registration, military members, requirements

Vehicular homicide, Class B felony

Venue, change, in specified actions

Volunteer firefighters, unemployment insurance, reimbursments, exclusion from

Women Veterans' Appreciation Day, June 12, designation

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