Public Safety

911 services, moneys diverted to CMRS fund for distribution for 911 services, rates

Adult-oriented business, adult cabaret, drag performances, removal

Adult-oriented business, category of commercial use, removal

Adult-oriented business, relocation requirements, existing commercial establishment, removal

Adult-oriented business restriction, educational occupancy, colleges and universities, removal

Adult-oriented business restriction, specified performance restriction, removal

Adult-oriented business, restrictions, location requirements

Bouncers, training and certification, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Child fatality and near fatality team, review of gunshot-related deaths, requirement

City administrators, investigators, peace officer powers, authorizing

E-liquids and vapor products, sale and distribution, enforcement, penalties

Emergency and fire districts, distilled spirits warehouses, fire protection measure fees

Fire district service change, downgrade of fire service rating, hearing

Firearm storage, requirement

Firearms, crisis aversion and rights retention order, possession, prohibition

Firearms, educational materials, display requirements

Firearms, voluntary restriction list, requirements

Firearms, voluntary surrender, requirements

Food and Drug Administration, manufacturing, harmful ingredients

Geoengineering activities, prohibition, enforcement

Health facilities, respirator masks, requirement

Immunization requirements, exemptions

Individuals in crisis, firearms, purchase or possession, voluntary prohibition, requirements

Individuals in crisis, firearms, voluntary surrender, requirements

Instructional programs for school-age children, exemptions

Kentucky Ashanti Alert system, creation

Kentucky IAN Alert System, creation

Long-term recovery groups

Move over law, disabled vehicles

Newborn safety device, definition, continuous staffing exception

Office of Safer Communities, establishment

Public schools, duty to act to protect Jewish students from violence and antisemitism

Radon abatement, school district facilities, authorization

Railroad Crossings Safety Awareness Month, August 2024, recognition

Rescue squad members, professional development and wellness program

Risk protection orders, firearms prohibitions

Safe Haven Baby Boxes Crisis line, public display in schools, requirement

School AED Fund, expansion of permitted use, medical devices to protect student athletes

School building posting, notification of armed school resource officer

Smoke detectors in all existing sold and leased residence, requirement

Smoke detectors in all sold and leased residence, requirement

State child and maternal fatality review team, establishment

Swimming pool classification, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, lifeguards, requirements

Swimming pool requirements, single family residences, exemption

Swimming pool requirements, single-family residences, exemption

Syringe services programs, VA health care systems

Telecommunicators, hiring and training, requirements

Telecommunicators, Law Enforcement Foundation Program fund, salary supplement

Telecommunicators, training academy, requirements

Telecommunicators, training and certification, requirements

Terroristic threatening, workplaces and gatherings of 3 or more persons

Tobacco and related products, sale and distribution, penalties

Unlawful storage of a firearm, prohibition

Violence reduction program, participation as a condition of probation or parole

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