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Big Bone Lick State Park, recognized for being a base formation of Lewis and Clark Expedition - HJR 47: HCS
Buildings, smoking policy of - HB 55: SCS
Capitol Annex Building, renamed Hellard Legislative Office Building - HB 751: HCS
Emergency Operations Center, display of plaque - SB 59: HFA (3),(4)
Energy-efficient HVAC, including geothermal, require consideration in bid - HB 299
Engineering services, method of procuring - SB 34: HFA (6)
Executive Branch Budget, free conference committee report - HB 380: FCCR
Government contracts, preference for Kentucky small businesses in - HB 185
Government-owned buildings, display of documents in - HB 304
Historical markers, in and around Capitol, consideration and placement of - HB 36
Indoor smoking policy, adoption by state and local government - HB 55
Jails and detention facilities, delete smoking policy exemption for - HB 55: HFA (2)
Arena, alternative site studies and selection authority - HB 380: HFA (4)
Arena, alternative site study and selection - HB 380: HFA (2)
Capitol Annex Building, named the Vic Hellard, Jr., Legislative Office Building - HB 751
State Capitol gift shop, change in inventory requirements - HB 306
State Capitol, display of plaque honoring Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs - SJR 160
Property controlled by Department of Parks, prohibition against interference with - SB 176; SB 176: SCS
Public displays, guidelines for promotion of - HB 277
Reorganization, Utilities Savings Council, created - SB 134
School facilities, categories defined - SB 165
Smoking policy, delete exemptions for - HB 55: HFA (3)
property, title to, not to be acquired by adverse possession - SB 176
property, title to, not to be acquired by adverse possession or prescription - SB 176: SCS
State-owned real property, limitation of action - SB 176: HFA (1)
Commandments monument on Capitol grounds, direct placement of - HB 277: SCS
commandments, permit posting of - HB 16
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