Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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Boxing administrative regulations, Greg Page Boxing and Safety Initiative, recognition as - HCR 194
Cab. for Health & Family Services, Mental Health & Substance Abuse, compulsive gamblers fund - HB 41
Certificate of title for all-purpose vehicles - SB 120
gaming administrative regulations, review process established - HB 156: SFA (1)
gaming advisory committee, administrative regulations review, comments included - HB 156: FCCR
Dieticians and nutritionists board, mandate for administrative regulations to be promulgated by - SB 156
Division of Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, regulate funding provisions for - HB 400: SCA (1)
Education Professional Standards Board to promulgate - SB 2
and Administration Cab., state contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 334: SCA (1)
and Administration Cabinet, equal employment opportunity regulations - HB 181: HCS
and Administration Cabinet, state contractors, equal employment opportunity requirements for - HB 181
Franklin Circuit Court, creation of alternative concurrent jurisdiction - SB 75
commission, regulatory agency - SB 17; HB 546
commission, regulatory agency established - HB 27
Hearing officers, replace with administrative law judges - SB 210
Board of Education, drug testing for school employees - HB 408
Board of Education, illness-related low attendance days - HB 440
Board of Education, Kentucky financial literacy trust fund, application and disbursal - HB 346
Board of Education, physical activity requirement, administrative regulations for - HB 299
Board of Education, student physical activity requirements - SB 110
Heritage Council, expanded regulatory power of - HB 118
State Use Commission, authorization to promulgate administrative regulations by - HB 23
Long-term care partnership insurance program, Office of Insurance - HB 126
of Charitable Gaming, review of regulations promulgated by - SB 212
of Energy Policy, Biofuels Transportation Grant Program - SB 33
Orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics, promulgate administrative regulations to govern practice of - SB 30; HB 337: SFA (2)
Outpatient data reporting, required by hospitals - HB 445
Cabinet secretary, regulatory responsibilities of - SB 58: SCA (1)
Cabinet, Sec., authority to promulgate regs for alternative dispute resolution procedures - HB 62: HCS
Cabinet, work-related dispute resolution methods, development of - HB 62
Railroads, safe walkways, provision for - HB 172
estate broker escrow account violations, emergency hearing for allegations of - HB 86
Estate Commission, required post-license education course - HB 65
Transportation Cabinet, DUI, license suspension for - SB 217
Venue, actions against state agencies and officers - SB 75: SFA (1)
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