Civil Actions

911 communications, procedure for obtaining

Abortion, practice, procedure, and prohibited acts

Aliens, unauthorized, hiring prohibition

Breach of promise to marry, tort of

Business entities, creation, operation, and dissolution of

Child custody determination, additional factor for

Consortium, loss of, action for

Crime victim, action against defendant, technical correction

Custodial sexual abuse against minors, sealing of record in civil actions, requirement for

Custodial sexual abuse, statute of limitation for

Dating violence, availability of domestic violence protective orders

Direct care staff, ICF/MR resident, failure to supervise, penalties

Domestic violence and emergency protective orders, fee for

Emergency protective orders, custody and visitation

Employer's duties, jury service

Execution on investment securities, update references

Good Samaritan emergency medical care, liability for

Good Samaritan law, applicability during emergency

Guardians and conservators, jurisdiction between states

Human rights commission, practice and procedure

Indemnification of general contractors, subcontractor's failure to comply with verification programs

Internet facilitated crimes and conduct, provisions relating to

Judgment, interest on

Kentucky High School Athletic Association, limitation on actions of

Liability, carbon sequestration and demonstration projects, immunity from

Local board of education, collection of school taxes

Local board of education, taxpayer payment of court costs and attorneys fees

Maintenance orders for spouses, availability of automatic payment methods

Medical services, provision of, civil immunity, exceptions

Partial birth abortion

Paternity, determination, evidence, and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity determination, evidence and venue, clarification and updating of

Paternity, determination of

Paternity, rebuttable presumption, venue and appeal

Presumption of death for absent persons, decrease in years required

Sales representatives' contracts, commissions earned, termination and payment

Service of process, absconders

Sexual assault and sexual abuse against children, extend civil statute of limitation

Silicosis or mixed-dust claims

Small claims division, District Court, jurisdiction increase

Small claims division, jurisdictional increase

Stolen or damaged property, reparation for, technical correction

Unauthorized aliens, hiring of, eligibility verification

Workers' compensation subrogation, limits on recovery

Wrongful discharge, statute of limitations for

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