Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Karen Curtis

Agricultural Development Board, confirmation, Karen M. Curtis

Agricultural district, requirements for

Agricultural land, carbon dioxide pipeline, right of condemnation for

Agricultural operation, definition, inclusion of sustainable agriculture

Appropriations for settlement for black farmers, approval of, simple resolution for

Biomass and biofuels task force, commend work of

Biomass and biofuels task force, laud work of

Brands and marks, technical corrections

Bulk tobacco, allow inspection of moisture devices for

Carbon dioxide pipeline, state program of regulation, removal from

Dairy farm support program, establish

Dairy industry, promotion of

Division of Water, county agent to work with

Equine board, agency's breeding authority, clarify memberships of

Equine board, clarify definition, add members on

Equine excellence fund, creation of, constitutional amendment to allow VLTs

Equine health and welfare board, add members to

Equine, natural resources, tax exemptions

Farmstay, definition of and business authorized at

Farmstrays, defined

Food production, honoring Kentucky farmers

Forest Health Board, establishment of

Horse processing, urge Congressional support for

Horses, soring, prohibition of

Industrial hemp, licensing and growing of

Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture, report to

Kentucky BioAlliance, honoring

Kentucky Equine Breed Authority, creation of

Kentucky Equine Health and Welfare Board, establish

Kentucky Equine Health and Welfare Council, establishment of

Kentucky Farm Bureau, Waste Tire Working Group, membership on

Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission, creation of

Kentucky Livestock Care Standards Commission, duties of

Kentucky Milk Commission, appoint to

Kentucky Milk Commission, duties of

Kentucky Milk Commission, reorganization

Kentucky Milk Commission, state and federal milk data, gathering of

Kentucky Wood Products Competitiveness Corporation, abolition of

Land conservation fund, clarify availability of tax receipts for

Livestock Care Standards Commission, creation of

Livestock commission, citizen member, selection method

Livestock commission, organic farmer, consideration of

Livestock commission, standards, broaden factors for

Metrology lab fees, promulgate administrative regulations, allowance of

Metrology lab fees, promulgation of administrative regulations

Milk prices, formula evaluation

Office of the State Veterinarian, captive cervids, transportation permit for

Pollution prevention, infrastructure projects, water resources, preservation of

Program trust fund, voluntary donation for farm vehicle registrations, notification of

RC&D funding, urge Congressional restoration of

Real estate adjacent to farm, requirement for realtor to provide fence laws to purchaser

State Apiarist, pollinator habitat sites, creation of

State Board of Agriculture, membership of

State/Executive Branch Budget

State/Executive Branch Budget Memorandum

Stockyards, disinfecting requirements

Stockyards, livestock, sales receipts for

Stray cattle, taking up and posting of

Sustainable agriculture, refine definition of

Sustainable agriculture, water references, require for regulations

Tobacco marketing procedures, urge stability in

Tobacco Task Force, reauthorization of

Unmanufactured tobacco, encourage exportation efforts

Veterinarians, animal abuse, reporting of

Water commissioners, training, requirements for

Water district commissioners, training requirements for

Watershed conservancy districts, operational proceedings, requirements for

Wine and Vine Fest, designation of

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