Effective Dates, Emergency

Appropriation to pay claims against the Commonwealth

Biomass energy facility, recovery of costs

BR 1439

BR 270

Controlled substances, prescribing and dispensing, provisions relating to

Credentialing, Medicaid, requirement

Electronic Funds Transfer Act,conflict with Uniform Commercial Code Article 9, resolve

Federal firearms laws, enforceability of

Firearms, comprehensive regulation of

HB 167

HB 211

HB 211/HCS 1

HB 366

HB 69/GA

HB 69/SCS 1

Health benefit exchange, state-based, prohibit

Industrial consumer of electricity, removal of purchase regulations

Interlocal cooperation, provision of incentives for county interlocal agreements.

Kentucky reclamation guaranty fund, emergency

Medicaid eligibility expansion, prohibit

Medicaid managed care, contract breach, transition of care

Medicaid managed care, contract breach, transition of dental care

Medicaid managed care, school district patients and providers, contract breach, transition of care

Prescription copayments

Prisoner population data, redistricting

Sales tax holiday

SB 1, Sections 24 and 25

SB 202/HCS 1

SB 38/HCS 1

SB 60/GA

School calendar, adjustments to

School councils, election of members

Superintendents, training and assessment of

Synthetic drugs, inclusion of additional prohibited substances

Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9, make corrections

Uniform Commerical Code, remittance transfer that is electronic fund transfer, Article 9 to control

Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act, enact

U.S. Constitution, Second Amendment, laws contrary to prevention of

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