2022 RS HB 241, HB 242, HJR 82, road project adjustments

911 fund, carrier cost recovery fund

American Rescue Plan Act, broadband deployment fund

Amusement rides and attractions, designated inspectors, registration and fee

Area development districts, funding

ARPA funds, graduation allowance and science curriculums

Assistance, Caldwell and Muhlenberg Counties

Automated speed enforcement fund, establishment

Aviation development fund and grant program, establishment

Behavioral health conditional dismissal program, Opioid Abatement Trust Fund, provision

Beverage containers, unrefunded deposits, Kentucky pride fund, payment to

Black and minority contractor assistance fund

Brent Spence Bridge project, GARVEE Bonds debt service payment

Broadband deployment

Broadband Deployment Fund

Cabinet for Health and Family Services, mental health crisis services, fund establishment

Cannabis fund, deposits and expenditures

Carl Brashear statue, addition to rotunda

Center for Applied Energy Research, coal-derived carbon, research, commercialization

Claims against the Commonwealth, appropriation of funds

College and career readiness pilot program

Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center, start-up

Community Jobs Initiative, pilot program, establishment

Constables, training

Consumer privacy fund

Consumer privacy fund, Office of the Attorney General, restricted fund

Controlled Substance Prescribing Review Panel, support resources, funding

Conversion charges, agricultural enhancement fund

Cost-of-living adjustment for Kentucky Employees Retirement System retirees

Cost-of-living adjustment for retired Kentucky State Police troopers

Council on Postsecondary Education, KSU duties, $1.5 million

Council on Postsecondary Education, KSU performance, $15 million

County clerk modernization, grants to aid implementation

Death benefits for first responders

Debt Affordability Task Force, creation

Department for Local Government

Department for Local Government, area development districts, funding

Department of Agriculture, amusement rides, registration fee

Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, conservation easements, eastern Kentucky, purchase

Department of Revenue; online tangible personal property tax system

Eastern Kentucky University, Center for the Arts

Electric and hybrid vehicles, electric vehicle road usage fee, road fund

Electric vehicle power tax, road fund

Employee Child-Care Assistance Partnership, fund, workforce

Gaming and wagering, taxes and fees

Health care providers, appropriation of funds, emergency provisions

Health insurance, employer contributions, employee coverage waived

Healthcare worker loan relief fund

Healthcare worker loan relief fund; appropriation removal

Healthcare worker loan relief fund, creation

Healthy Soils Program, funding for farmers

Heir property research fund, creation

Highway work zone safety fund, moneys from automated speed enforcement

Imagination Library of Kentucky Program, creation

Individual income advanced tax credit disbursement fund

Inpatient psychiatric services, Hospital District IV

Judical Branch, salary increment

Judicial Branch Budget

Judicial Branch, salary increment

Justice administration budget, Operation UNITE

KCTCS, Commonwealth West Healthcare Workforce Innovation Center

Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts, new mental health courts, establishment

Kentucky all-payer claims database fund, establishment

Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners, revolving fund

Kentucky Center for Cannabis Research

Kentucky Center for the Arts

Kentucky Homeschool Scholar Program, creation

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, development fund, distribution

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, purse supplements, distribution

Kentucky problem gambling assistance fund, creation

Kentucky problem gambling assistance fund, financial resources

Kentucky Product Development Initiative, fund, economic development

Kentucky public pensions authority, KERS Nonhazardous pension fund, unfunded pension liability

Kentucky State University, $23 million

Kentucky State University, health sciences center

Kentucky State University, transfer student tuition waivers, reimbursement

Kentucky trauma care system fund, fees and penalties for super speeders

Kentucky wetland and stream mitigation fund, mitigation projects

Kentucky Wetland and Stream Mitigation Fund, mitigation projects

KSU loan repayment trust fund, creation

Legislative Branch Budget

Legislative Branch Budget, legislator compensation

Lung Cancer Screening Program fund

Manchester/Clay County Tourism Commission, Elk Hill regional Industrial Authority, Vol. of America

Medicinal cannabis program, local medicinal cannabis trust fund

Medicinal cannabis program, medicinal cannabis trust fund

Mining performance bonds, distribution of funds from penalties

Mobile crisis services fund

Motor fuels, retail facility, license fee, changes to

Motor vehicle registration, donations to organ donor program

Nonprofit organizations, CARES Act recipients

Office of Gun Violence Prevention, creation

Orphan oil wells and sites, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds, uses and restrictions

Orphan wells, funding for, emergency regulations for contracting

Pari-mutuel excise tax, equine industry programs, funding

Pari-mutuel excise tax, fund distribution

Pension income exclusion, retroactively raise

Period of time for investment

Pilot program, behavioral health conditional dismissal program, establishment

Prior appropriation, recovery of funds

Public charter school, funding

public funds, merchant electric generating facility

Public funds, merchant electric generating facility, prohibited

Radon mitigation and control fund, moneys, usage

Reduction, failure to comply, tax return data

Refugee support fund

Road construction, Clinton County

Rough River Business & Tourism Association

Rural infrastructure improvement fund, eligible utility pole replacement

Rural Jobs Development Fund

Safe boating documentation, fine for failure to provide

Salary increment for state employees

Scholarship program, coal-county paramedic

School Facilities Construction Commission, offers in assistance, Rockcastle County

School Facilities Construction Commission, Rockcastle County

School nurses, requirement

School resource officers, full-time on-site, each school

Sports wagering, fantasy contests, online poker

State Fair Board

State/Executive Branch Budget

Support Education Excellence in Kentucky fund, student population adjustments

Sustainable fuel production facility

Teacher Recruitment Student Loan Forgiveness Program, creation

Teachers, student loan forgiveness program

Technical correction

To the Office of Unemployment Insurance

Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund, appropriations

Traffic control signal monitoring systems, violations of KRS 189.231, civil penalties

Transportation Cabinet Budget

Trust and agency account, creation

Unemployment trust fund

Universal basic income, subject to an appropriation

VALOR program fund, creation

Wagering administration fund

Wagering administration fund, prohibitions

West Kentucky State Aid Funding for Emergencies

West Kentucky State Aid Funding for Emergencies, appropriation

West Kentucky State Aid Funding for Emergencies Fund

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