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ballot applications, distribution by facsimile - HB 326: HCS
ballots, distribution by facsimile - HB 326
Accessible parking license plate or placard for disabled persons, identification card issued with - HB 101
Breast cancer awareness, special license plates for - HB 43
Certified copies of records, creation of - HB 59: SCS
Charter county governments, procedure for referendum for adoption or consolidation of services - SB 191
Commercial transactions, financing - SB 114
Covenant marriage, create the option of entering into, require designation of - HB 431
Creation and funding for county clerk motor vehicle registration supplement fun - HB 300
Delinquent taxes, inclusion or non-inclusion of fees - SB 55
Fees, increase - HB 364
Filing documents - HB 280: SFA (1)
Junked cars, duty of junk and scrap recyclers to report sales to - HB 283
License plates, replate schedule at Cabinet's discretion - HB 426
Liens for labor, materials, or supplies, extend filing period - SB 100
Love Makes a Family special license plate, creation of - HB 452
Metro Council districts, urge relabeling of - HR 26
Mortgage releases and assignments, recording - SB 67
Motor vehicle renewals, allow voluntary contribution to Veterans' Trust Fund - HB 40: HFA (1)
National Guard plate, require $5 Veterans Trust Fund fee upon annual renewal - HB 40: HFA (2)
Presidential electoral votes, apportionment of - HB 147
Property tax, commission for collecting - HB 138
Records, certified copies - HB 260: SCS
Replacement plate fee, charge except for deterioration - HB 134: SCS
license plate supporting traditional marriage, - HB 234
license plate, Big Brothers Big Sisters - HB 518
license plates, omnibus revisions - HB 134
Unrestricted early voting, provide for - SB 183
Usage tax affidavit, require clerks to give verbal notice of consequences of making false statements - SB 21
Volunteer firefighter identification cards, clerks fees for - HB 48: HCS
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